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Mr Leon Zhao

Chinese Vice Co-Principal

Mr Leon Zhao, Vice Chinese Co-Principal of Yew Wah, has abundant leadership experience in internationalised bilingual schools. In the past seven years, as the headmaster of the junior secondary division of a well-known bilingual school in Shanghai, Mr Zhao was responsible for the overall management of the junior secondary division. During the tenure he successfully led and completed the preparation and establishment of an experimental class with an international curriculum (Pioneer Class).

Before serving as head of the junior secondary division, Mr Zhao successively worked as Mathematics teacher, head teacher, department leader, year group leader, moral education supervisor, director of teaching and learning, etc. in the bilingual school for six years. Working in these positions, he accomplished great achievements and accumulated rich experiences in teaching as well as in management.

Prior to joining the above mentioned bilingual school, Mr Zhao had worked for nearly seven years in a public school in Shanghai. Working successively as Mathematics teacher, head teacher and lesson-planning team leader, Mr Zhao consolidated his teaching professional skills.

After graduation in 1997 with bachelor’s degree in Science and Engineering, Mr Zhao pursued master's degree in Curriculum and Pedagogy at Shanghai Normal University and obtained the Principal Qualification Certificate in 2010. He is currently a first-grade high school Mathematics teacher, and was a member in teaching and research administration centre in a district of Shanghai. Thanks to his outstanding accomplishments in the field of international education, Mr Zhao has been awarded by the district government for many times.

With excellent professional ethics, strong innovation ability as well as rich pioneering spirit, Mr Zhao has taken education as his lifelong career pursuit. Having worked as front-line teacher, head teacher, department head, year group leader, moral education supervisor, director of teaching and learning, and now in the position of vice principal, Mr Zhao has had deep understanding of the characteristics of Chinese and international education and the curriculum and has accumulated much experience in localisation of the international curriculum and internationalisation of the local curriculum. Mr Zhao has also had his own unique views and practice on curriculum development, teaching and education management, and faculty team building, etc.

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