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After School Activities

We provide a rich variety of After-School Activities (ASA) for students to choose in order to further develop holistic education.

We offer more than 200 ASA courses per week for students to choose. Through various, age-appropriate activities, YWIES students not only develop new skills and interests, but also practise social interaction and teamwork in fun ways.

  • Academic


    Primary:  Magical Science, Science Discovery, Picture Book Reading and Appreciation, Maths Tutoring, Advanced Maths, Spanish, Handwriting, Astronomy, Lower Primary Chinese Reading, Chinese Traditional Culture, Chinese Reading, Chinese Reading, Literacy Circle, Earth Science and Geology, Spoken English, German、Memorising Words, English Subject, Social Studies and Science.

    Secondary: TOEFL Junior, English Public Speaking & Debate, Forty Studies that Changed Psychology, Modern Poetry Appreciation, English Reading, Spanish, Hand Writing, Rainbow STEAM, University Guidance, Economics Extension and Real World Application, The Social Enterprise Challenge (a Water Project collaboration), Speech and Debate, Introduction to Calligraphy, IGCSE Maths, SETA (Students for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), Model United Nations and Spoken English.

  • Sports


    Primary:  Soccer, Kayak, Karate for Primary, American Flag Football for Primary, Basketball for Primary, Badminton for Primary, Kungfu for Primary, Tennis for Primary, Table Tennis for Primary, Floorball for Primary, Go Game for Primary, Advanced Tennis, Primary English Tennis, Monkey Fitness and Kiddies Gym.

    Secondary: Soccer, Kayak, Karate for Secondary, American Flag Football for Secondary, Basketball for Secondary, badminton for Secondary, Hip Hop, Ice Hockey for Secondary, Go Game for Secondary, Archery Tag, Archery Club, Archery Club, Chinese Chess, Girls Basketball Varsity, Boys Basketball Varsity, Ultimate Frisbee Team, Advanced Tennis, Chinese Kriegspiel Game, Five-in-a-row Chess, Fitness, Team Building, Board Games and Floorball.

  • Arts


    Primary: Broadway Musical for Primary, Model Airplane for Grades 4–5, Jazz, Ballet, Chinese Dance, Guzheng for Primary, Ukulele, Drum-set for Primary, Primary Piano, Primary Choir, Lingang Strings, Beginning Voilin, Advanced Violin, Lingang Wind Ensemble, Magic Square, Clay, Embroidery, Reading and Book Sharing, Chinese Painting, Primary Crochet, Construction Club, Sculpture Lego Club, Sandplay, Kirigami, Huangmei Opera and Rubik's Cube.

    Secondary: Broadway Musical for Secondary, Photography for Beginner, Flower Arrangement, Rock Guitar, Drum-set for Secondary, Advertising Design, Photoshop, Short Film Club, Spray Paint, Huangmei Opera, Embroidery, Budai Puppet Show Appreciation, Iron Art, Secondary Choir, Secondary Piano, Harmonica, African Drum, Creative Photography, Surreal Water Book Illustration, Guitar Painting/Art Installation Sculpture, Cross-stitch, Chess Games, Star Wars D&D, Film Making, Hand Paper Rolling and Greeting Card Making.

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