Art and Music

YWIES Shanghai Lingang provides every student with a well rounded and balanced education. The arts are an essential aspect of the human experience, and are fundamental to the YWIES philosophy and objectives. We therefore ensure all students are exposed to a wide variety of music and arts throughout their school life.

    • Artist-in-Residence (AIR)

      Artist-in-Residence (AIR)

      YWIES Shanghai Lingang includes an Artist-in-Residence Programme, a unique educational experience in which a working artist interacts creatively with students of all ages within the school’s educational programme. The artists lead various art projects across the school, as part of developing their own professional body of artwork. Students learn through experience about the dynamic art scene in China and worldwide, develop aesthetic sense and understanding and acquire their own creative artistic techniques and styles through working with someone who makes a living from being an artist.

    • Violin Programme

      Violin Programme

      All students from Primary Grades 1 to 3 learn to play the violin, following which they may continue with the violin or learn another instrument. They have numerous opportunities to display their talents in school concerts and musicals or in other performances and showcases. This develops their self-confidence as they learn to perform on stage, as well as encouraging in them a lifelong appreciation for music.

    • Performing Arts

      Performing Arts

      The study and practice of Performing Arts equips students with lifelong capabilities including self-confidence and presenting to small or large groups of people. All teachers use some techniques of classroom-based drama from time to time. However as students get older, Drama becomes more of an academic discipline in its own right. Performing Arts at YWIES Shanghai Lingang also includes a focus on the history of drama, including a focus on forms and techniques across different cultures.

      Throughout their school life, our students have the opportunity to participate in a range of drama related activities. Our theatre supports productions from intimate drama to full-scale musicals. Students who do not wish to perform can also be involved in various other aspects of theatrical performances, including stage management, lighting and sound.