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Message from School Leadership Team

Yew Wah International Education School of Shanghai Lingang (YWIES Shanghai Lingang) opened its doors to students from September 8, 2015 offering a unique learning experience to the children of the East China area. As Co-Principals, our vision is to develop a leading school in the region. Our goal is to prepare our students to be successful lifelong learners. Our aim is to create an environment where the students feel safe, and the Chinese National Curriculum is taught with a unique mix of Chinese and Western methods and principles.

We will help students acquire many of the skills required to be successful in universities both inside and outside China, as well as in future careers. These skills include the ability to effectively communicate bilingually, work in collaboration with others, and creatively solve problems. Our students will acquire knowledge, but they will also hone their skill of inquiry. In this information age, successful people will be those who have the ability to ask the right questions and the courage to find all the possible answers.

We believe the foundation of education is the formation of character. Our curriculum is holistic and includes spiritual, moral, physical, social and emotional development as well as an emphasis on high academic standards. YWIES Shanghai Lingang introduces new educational concepts of Co-Principals, Co-Teaching, liberating the joy of learning, building bilingual skills and multicultural perspectives for students. We are fully committed to holistic education and an international education that brings together the essence of the East and the West and nurtures world citizens with a global mindset.

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