Shanghai Lingang Campus

School Services

YWIES Shanghai Lingang offers comprehensive services that make life simpler, safer and healthier for students. These services ensure that students concentrate on studies and give parents the peace of mind that their children are taken care of to, at and from school.

  • Catering


    The school cafeteria provides high quality and healthy meals to students. Dishes are specially designed by professional nutritionists to ensure that students have a balanced diet every day.

  • Medical Service

    Medical Service

    The Medical Centre is attended by a full-time qualified nurse to provide immediate treatment to students with minor medical problems and injuries.

  • School Bus

    School Bus

    The school provides a comprehensive bus service to students aged 3 and above. All school buses are equipped with seatbelts or safety seats. Each school bus has one supervisor on duty to ensure safety.

  • School Uniform

    School Uniform

    School uniform will be distributed to students after registration. All students are required to wear proper school uniform to school.

  • Boarding


    As a boarding school, YWIES Shanghai Lingang provides suitable student’s residence hall with excellent facilities and equipment. Additional family rooms have enough space for student’s relaxation and entertainment. Chinese and foreign residence hall teachers provide service for student’s daily life and take responsibility not only for their study but also for residence hall activity arrangement.

Admissions Office

Tel: +86 21 6118 0809 / 400 021 0042
Address: No. 2 Yinlian Road, Nanhui New Town, Shanghai
Postal Code: 201306
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