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Policies and Placement

YWIES Shanghai Lingang upholds a non-discriminatory policy and accepts applications from any qualified student regardless of race, gender, class or economic status, or national background. All applicants must be interviewed together with their parents to ascertain their academic, social and language standards. This will enable the School to understand and meet the needs of students.

As a school that serves students around the world and caters for boarding and day students, we accept throughout the year applications for admission to Primary to Lower Secondary (Grade 1 to Grade 9) in 2018-2019.

  • Grade 1: 50 new students
  • Grade 4: 25 new students
  • Grade 5: 25 new students
  • Grade 6: 50 new students
  • Grade 7: 25 new students
  • For other grades, we still have limited seats available.

Target Students

  • • Local Shanghai citizens
  • • Non-local students who have a Shanghai Residence Permit or Temporary Residence Permit and their mother or father has a valid Shanghai Permanent Residence Permit; or one of the parents has a valid Shanghai Temporary Residence Permit for more than three years (from the issue date to the June 30, 2018), and has the flexible employment registration in the government for three consecutive years (from the start date till June 30, 2018).
  • • Students with a foreign/overseas passport (including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan)

How to Apply

Students Apply for Grade 1 and Grade 6

According to the admissions policy of Shanghai Education Commission, all Grade 1 and Grade 6 students have to apply for schools in the Shanghai compulsory enrolment system. We will arrange individual interviews on May 19 and 20. Please bring the materials listed below to the interview.
The School gives priority for admission to the students who apply for our school as the first choice.

Students Who Apply for Other Grades

Please apply online or download and complete the Student Application Form and submit the following documents to our Admissions Office in person, by mail or fax. Your application will be processed after the Admissions Office receives your completed application package, and you will be notified of the interview according to the number of places.

Materials Needed for Interview

  • • Photocopy of the student’s residence card, birth certificate or ID card or passport with a valid visa stamp;
  • • Photocopy of the parent’s/guardian’s residence card, Shanghai Permanent or Temporary Residence Permit, ID card or passport with a valid visa;
  • • Photocopy of the Growth Record of Primary and Secondary Students (only applicable to students who apply for Lower Secondary);
  • • Photocopy of the student’s latest school academic reports/records;
  • • Three passport-sized photos of the student (with the ID/passport name of the student neatly printed on the back of each photo).

Notes: Please provide the original of the above materials for our verification when you come for the placement interview.

School Commitments

  • 1. We will not arrange interviews or enrolments before the date of online registration of Shanghai Education Commission.
  • 2. We will not accept any kinds of specially-made resume and certificates of the student.
  • 3. The school enrolment is not linked to any educational training institutions.

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