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    A project-based, student-centred approach.

    YWIES Shanghai Lingang's Primary programme covers China National Curriculum and integrates with high quality education resources. We nurture confident bilingual students with a multicultural perspective that empowers them for further study at the highest levels in either or both languages.

    • Project Based Learning

      Our learning activities are topic based and cover multiple subject areas, so children may make meaningful connections between the learning and the world around them. The focus is on providing valid answers to real world problems. Our positive and joyful learning environment encourages children's curiosity, helps them develop critical thinking skills and empowers them to produce creative responses.

    • Collaborative Teaching

      Our Western and Chinese teachers work collaboratively to create a genuinely holistic bilingual learning environment. Time is allocated for teachers to plan together, both horizontally, across the same grade levels and vertically, with different age children working together on some units. Teachers share equal responsibility for developing the children as independent learners and thinkers. We further ensure that teachers engage in regular professional development, through which they develop themselves as practitioners and lifelong learners.

    • Student-Centred Approach

      The individual child lies at the heart of our work. Our learning environment is positive, nurturing and empathic, in which each child's individual personality is respected. Our educational approach builds confidence in all children, empowering them to experiment and be creative with their learning. We equally focus on children understanding how good character is formed through values such as integrity, honesty, respect and genuine care for the welfare of others, and teamwork.

    Yew Wah not only provide some of the regular subjects are part of the curriculum as requested by Chinese government, but also provides some unique subjects that are not offered by local schools.