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    Campus & Facilities

    YWIES Shanghai Lingang campus is more than a place of education. It is a place for students to grow and make their dreams a reality. It will become the pioneer in China to develop an exciting and new learning approach to better equip our students.

    • YWIES Shanghai Lingang occupies a total land area of 60mu with a construction area of 20,000 square metres. The campus is designed as a holistic and vibrant community that nurtures the educational development and social interaction of young students to help them grow into healthy, active and productive members of society. The campus is comprised of three buildings: a main academic building with classrooms and spaces for events and Co-curricular activities, a residence hall and a dining hall with additional space for educational purpose.

    • The school facilities are specifically designed to ensure that all students from different age groups study in a safe and friendly environment. The state-of-the-art equipment, spacious classrooms, modern laboratory, library, multi-media centre, auditorium, gymnasium, sports grounds, art centre, music room, dancing room and student residence hall which provide first-class facilities to support the students' boarding life. Chinese and foreign Residence Hall Teachers co-manage the residence hall and look after the students.

    • The school building is equipped with a high-efficiency filter PM2.5 air purification system, as well as a central air conditioning system, so that students can learn in a safe and comfortable environment every day.