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Mr Jeroen Gakes

Western Co-Principal cum Acting Education Director

Mr Jeroen Gakes is a highly dedicated and experienced educator. He will be familiar with our colleagues as he rejoined the Organisation this academic year as our Director of Boarding, and member of the Executive Board of YCIS and YWIES. Mr Gakes has been at YWIES Shanghai Lingang on a regular basis in his role as Boarding Director, so is also familiar with the YWIES Shanghai Lingang.

Prior to Mr Gakes returning to the Netherlands, where he held the position of Director of the International School Twente, he served for 17 years in our Organisation. He was Vice-Principal at YCIS Shanghai. In 2011, Mr Gakes was promoted to YCIS Qingdao as Western Co-Principal, where he served for seven years and oversaw the operation of the school’s boarding programme.

With his many years of service in our Organisation, Mr Gakes has an acute understanding of Chinese culture. Mr Gakes has experience with IGCSE, A Level and IBDP exams. Students in the schools Mr Gakes has led achieved well above the international averages in standardised tests.

Mr Gakes holds a Master of Art in Educational Leadership from Nottingham Trent University; National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH) from the National College of School Leadership in the U.K., Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certificate from Trinity College, London and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Applied Sciences Ede, the Netherlands, amongst other qualifications.

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