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  1. What are the admissions requirements of YWIES Shanghai?
    YWIES Shanghai welcomes both local and expatriate students in China but imposes strict entrance requirements. To be admitted by the school, students have to go through entrance academic assessments including personal interviews. Students’ character is also an important criterion. Therefore, we require the prospective students to provide their previous two years' school performance and personality assessment.
  2. Is it possible to study at YWIES Shanghai if the student is weak at English?
    YWIES Shanghai has an excellent team of professional foreign teachers and a genuine English environment, and we are experienced in teaching English as a second language. Together with our multicultural environment and Intensive English Programme, we effectively enhance students’ English standard.
  3. Does the curriculum at YWIES Shanghai connect with other international curriculums?
    YWIES Shanghai offers IGCSE & A Level programmes which is awarded by the Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) respectively. They are the most recognised qualifications around the world. They are accepted as proof of academic ability for entry into most universities and higher education institutes worldwide.
  4. How does YWIES Shanghai help students apply for overseas universities?
    YWIES Shanghai works to overcome all the difficulties including the academic performance and application procedures to help students continue their study in overseas universities. The University Guidance Office from the school and the Foundation help students identify their interests and goals by individual tutoring, and recommend them the suitable universities and major study areas. Through our extensive network, our graduates at YWIES were admitted to renowned overseas universities.
  5. Is YWIES Shanghai only concerned about the academic performance of students?
    YWIES Shanghai not only cares about students’ academic performance, but also their holistic development. The school provides a wide range of Co-curricular activities to balance their study and interests. Students are involved in the community through winter camps, summer camps and international activities. Professional teachers are here to guide them on dealing with studying, daily life challenges, and character development. The school is also concerned about the development of leadership qualities in the students, so that they are able to lead and make a difference in the global environment.
  6. How should parents communicate with the school when they have questions?
    The school has a Parents Relations Team to facilitate the communications among parents, the school and teachers. Parents can contact the Parents Relations Officers or give suggestions to teachers directly. We listen to parents so as to provide students with more professional education services.

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