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    Founder’s Day

    85th Anniversary Celebration

    24 Oct, 2017

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    • Preface:

      Founder’s Day is a special day for all Yew Wah and Yew Chung schools to commemorate our founder Madam Tsang Chor-hang.

      It is also a big occasion for us to greet our sister schools and celebrate Founder’s Day together via video connection.

      This year marks Yew Wah 85th year! After years of growth and continuous innovation, Madam Tsang’s vision is still very much alive.

      You must wonder what kind of a lady can influence Yew Wah more than 80 years.

      Let’s Hear the Story of Madam Tsang Chor-hang and Yew Wah:
      Do Only One Thing with Heart in Her Entire Life
      Inspired by a commitment to contribute to the revitalisation of China, Madam Tsang and other three ladies founded Yew Wah. After the school had bankrupted in 1932, she kept on running it alone and changed the school name from “Yew Wah” to “Yew Chung”. She led the school to survive the tumultuous years of World War II and the uncertainties of post-war era.

      That lady, Madam Tsang Chor-hang, is our “Xiao Zhang Po Po”.
      Establishing a school with a great mission at a difficult time of China, Madam Tsang made Yew Wah unique with her vision.

      Traditional Founder’s Day Activities
      Playing Is the Nature of Kids
      Students were divided into four groups: Yellow Lion, Blue Shark, Red Eagle and Green Bear to have interactive games.
      Lots of activities were offered this year, like:
      Plants VS Zombies
      Mix of Baseball and Rugby
      Dragon Boat on Land
      Besides, we also had karate, basketball games and our final activity: tug of war!

      For 80 Years,
      We Want to Give Kids a Noble Mind
      In the future, education has to play an important role; it is to cultivate responsible and caring global citizens, who make a concerted effort to preserve and sustain a balanced biodiversity, promote a fair management culture and balanced economic development, and promote the development of global education. Yew Wah will not only teach them knowledge but also love, the source of all we consider valuable.