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    Explore the Unlimited Potential of the Students

    School News

    05 Feb, 2021

    10 : 00

    • The Co-Curriculum Activity (CCA) courses that focus on holistic education have become a particularly prominent highlight among elite universities' highly competitive applicants. YWIES Shanghai Lingang provides rich CCAs to further develop holistic education. We offer more than 200 CCA courses each week in the academic, sports and arts fields. We encourage students to develop their interests and skills and develop their personal soft skills through various activities. Among them, there are a lot of special courses that highlight the school's extreme intentions on the path of holistic education.

      Horseback Riding
      As one of the special CCA courses offered in Shanghai Lingang Campus, horseback riding is a sport and an important way to develop temperament and character.

      Sailing is a unique CCA at Yew Wah. We hope to promote students' sports skills, cultivate students' sportsmanship, and give full play to their potentials through this sport.

      From golf, the gentleman's sports, children can learn not only good sports skills, but also a lot of life philosophy!

      Yew Wah's kayaking course is not only exciting but also challenging! Children can not only get physical training but also get an all-round improvement of ability in kayaking sport.

      Besides cultivating the students' personal skills, CCA courses are helping students in deepening the understanding of their own advantages, so that they can have a clear plan on the future direction of professional development planning. Rich and colourful campus activities help students in building their own areas of interest, and give full play to the potential outside the classroom to pursue his/her interests further. Yew Wah’s CCA programme is the full embodiment and strong proof of the school’s practice of holistic education.