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    School Event – 2021-2022 Senior Art Exhibition

    School News

    07 Dec, 2021

    10 : 00

    • On the morning of 3 December, 2021, the ‘2021-2022 Senior Art Exhibition – Gazing’ opened. This exhibition includes the follow art forms: painting and drawing, illustration, digital animation, short film, interactive installation, fashion design, digital character design, product design etc. It largely shows the art achievement of those 6 young artists and curators which have so far held 5 admission from top art colleges and won nearly 400,000 RMB in scholarships. Undoubtedly, their art works opened their door to a higher level of art palaces. Let us follow the six students: Cindy Fu, Elaine Guo, Michael Tian, Marilyn Wang, Nancy Zhang, Sara Li into this visual feast and appreciate their extraordinary artistic creations.

      Students’ Words

      The inspiration of ‘gazing’ comes from Rabindranath Tagore in the poem Miss. This perfectly reflects our theme of exploring the unknown and the endless possibilities we can achieve when trying to find the questions to our answers. It also symbolises the stage in our lives as we too are called away from home to become young adults in a world of unlimited exploration and hope. This vision is full of complex emotions and art is a medium for projecting our thoughts onto the outside world.

      Gazing represents our attention to everything but may also suggest a relaxed vision, with time to settle down. Beauty is fleeting and short lived, but for a time we may observe and gaze upon it while it lasts. Our perception of beauty can be fluid and may change as we self-examine and have a better understanding of ourselves.

      We will examine ourselves within the environment in this rapidly changing world, and find meaning to our existence. We can use the language of art to preserve every moment, which is likely to pass.

      Curators and Artists

      Cindy Fu, Elaine Guo, Michael Tian, Marilyn Wang, Nancy Zhang, Sara Li

      #1 Cindy Fu

      Exhibition forms: fashion design, installation, photography, sculpture, painting

      Art is the quickest way to realize our fantasies.

      #2 Elaine Guo

      Exhibition forms: photography, animation, hologram, installation, painting, character design, illustration

      The id that spurns the body is just an inane noun.

      #3 Michael Tian

      Exhibition forms: animation, illustration, character design, 3D modelling, painting

      Design is about fun.

      #4 Marilyn Wang

      Exhibition forms: product design, interactive installation

      Art as a lifestyle.

      #5 Nancy Zhang

      Exhibition forms: character design, digital image, illustration, graphic design, animation

      Sports are artistic.

      #6 Sara Li

      Exhibition forms: digital design, product design, photography, installation, painting

      Don't be perfect, be brave.

      Teachers’ Words

      The title of the art exhibition this school year is ‘Gazing’. The definition of gazing is to look at something for a long time, especially in surprise or admiration. At Yew Wah International Education School, we align with Culture and Arts. Therefore, this is why our art exhibition is a major event at our school every year. It is an opportunity to celebrate work of our upper secondary art students. We believe in equipping our graduates with a deep respect for and understanding of world cultures, and the art which our students have created provides evidence of this. We also believe that each student is unique, with innate talents and gifts that should be nurtured to the fullest potential, and the exhibition is a celebration of this.

      Mr Jeroen Gakes, Western Co-Principal cum Education Director

      Ms Linda Lee, Chinese Co-Principal

      Mr Steven Zou, School Business Manager

      Mr Malcolm Harrison, Western Vice Principal

      Ms Maggie Zhou, Chinese Vice Principal

      It is exciting to see all that our students are capable of creativity. It is also fantastic to be able to appreciate the creative process first hand. Our students learn that this creative journey goes through a number of stages. Here we can see this around us as students give us an insight into their imaginations and help us better understand their relationships with a broad range of media and artists. This empathy and understanding is a fundamental part of character development and seeing our talented students work helps us all see the world as a brighter, clearer, more optimistic place.

      Mr Graeme Webster, Western Head of Secondary School

      Mr Benny Zhou, Chinese Head of Secondary School

      GAZING; an appropriate title for 6 students who sought to find answers to the world we live in through art, and to never be happy with one result, but to continue to explore and delve deeper into the meaning of our personal or connected lives. Each student, in their individual way, has challenged the viewer to re-evaluate or gain new appreciation for the shared human experience.

      Ms Kimberley McFarlane, A Level Visual Arts Teacher/ Head of Visual Arts

      The exhibition was jointly created, organised and planned by these six students. They realised in-depth thinking in the form of artwork. ‘Gazing’ is the starting point from fluid to stability, from entertainment to in-depth thinking, from dissociation to exploration.

      Ms Agnes Zhang, A Level Visual Arts Teacher