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    Experience Ancient Elegance · Taste Culture | Chinese Classroom of YWIES

    School News

    30 May, 2024

    16 : 01




    China is a vast country with a long history and splendid culture. The "China Classroom" is a curriculum that carries out the education philosophy of YCYW. It is closely integrated with the Chinese studies courses conducted in the school. It not only enables students to broaden their knowledge and gain an in-depth understanding of Chinese culture and local customs, but also cultivates team spirit and builds character through participation in activities. In addition to learning knowledge and receiving cultural influences, the "Chinese classroom" also focuses on cross-cultural communication and sharing, so that students can know China and know themselves in the process of participation.



    The land of Wuyue, the land of fish and rice, what kind of natural environment and historical development created the temperament of the later generations of Wuyue? Ancient water towns, private gardens, from remote and backward places to developed areas with a large number of talents, what are the pursuit of life for future generations of Wuyue? On this most beautiful April day in the world, the students of Yaohua Grade 5 in Lingang started their trip to Wuyue to find answers in the walk.


    Zhejiang Provincial Museum

    On the bus, we listened to the audio introduction, while thinking about the historical changes of Wuyue. Upon stepping into the Zhejiang Provincial Museum and seeing the huge historical wall of "Zhejiang 10,000 Years", we feel as if we have traveled through time and space, and countless historical figures and events have come at us. The exhibition hall presents the most representative cultural relics and civilization marks of various historical periods in Zhejiang in front of our eyes. The ornamentation on the bronze ware, the patterns on the pottery, and the artistic conception in the calligraphy and painting works show the rich cultural heritage of Zhejiang. Artifacts such as the Jade Cong King and Yue King aimed at "Yi" and the Jile Bronze House are so beautiful that you can't help but pick up your camera to record them. Every cultural relic is a witness of history, and here we feel our connection with history.


    Broken West Lake Bridge

    In the continuous drizzle, we came to the west Lake, the broken bridge of the crowd surging, the rain did not disperse people's enthusiasm. "The sunlit water is very good, and the empty mountains are also strange." The West Lake in the rain has a different flavor, we walk on the white embankment, listening to the legend of the white Lady, as if we can feel the breath of that distant era, at this moment, we walked into the story.


    Leifeng Pagoda

    Leifeng Pagoda is closely related to the story of the White Snake, which makes the tower full of mystery and romance. Early in the morning, we came to Leifeng Pagoda with longing and expectation. Looking up, our hearts can not help but sigh: the original suppression of the white Lady's tower is like this. Into the tower, the site of Leifeng Tower came into view, the tower bricks, as if telling the historical vicissitudes of Leifeng Tower. We saw the three-dimensional wood carving of "The Legend of the White Snake", borrowing an umbrella from the rain to the reunion of the tower, and the development of the plot affects people's hearts. As the stairs spiral up, climb to the top of the tower, we overlook the beauty of the whole West Lake, really make people feel relaxed and happy!


    Wuzhen West Gate

    After entering Wuzhen, you can hear the sound of the paddles crashing in the river, boat tourists can be seen everywhere, and the river is not stopping to ripple fine ripples. We came to the place where ancient students read - Zhaoming Academy, which has a library, podium, painting and calligraphy museum, the entire academy is antique. In the old street of the ancient town, there is also the simple and stylish Wuzhen old Post Office, where we see many precious postal exhibits.


    Back at the hotel in the afternoon, we discussed the development of the story of the White Snake and learned that this ancient folk legend has been represented in many artistic ways. When discussing the different cover designs of "The Legend of the White Snake" comic strip, I thought about the designer's intention, and tried to design the cover by myself to highlight different storylines.


    Wuzhen East Gate

    Bathed in the morning light, we came to the other side of Wuzhen - Dongzha. In Jiangnan hundred bed Hall, we saw the exquisite pulbu thousand work bed, savor the rich history and life connotation loaded on the wooden bed; In the Jiangnan Wood carving Hall, we watched hundreds of wood carving treasures, most of them are decorative pieces on the building, in different forms, ingenious; In Hongyuan Tai dyeing House, a strip of simple blue printed cloth hangs straight down from the high pole, and blossoming prints sway in the wind, elegant and smart; In Wuqing Water Dragon Hall, we know the knowledge and history of fire protection; At MAO Dun's former residence, we learned about MAO Dun's growth story...


    In the conference room of the hotel, we carried out the "Happy Town" project to study the design of the town based on the various shops and public facilities observed in Wuzhen. The children analyzed and explained the rationality of their own design scheme, and many students questioned the scene and put forward improvement plans. In the end, the children came to the conclusion that only on the basis of ensuring people's basic life and safety can we enrich the content of life and improve the quality of life.


    Suzhou Garden - Lion Forest

    Entering the lion forest, just like entering the "rockery kingdom", we can not tell how many mountain roads, how many holes, sometimes can only hear its sound, but can not see the person, really a "maze"! Standing in the rockery looking down, we saw winding Bridges and pavilions, splashing waterfalls, and vigorous pines and cypresses, which fully demonstrated the exquisite chic of Suzhou gardens.


    Make Traditional Food: Dingsheng Rice Ball

    We strolled on Pingjiang Road, enjoying the small Bridges, white walls and black tiles, walking through the long old streets and alleys. Under the leadership of the pastry chef, we made Dingsheng cake and wumi Tuan by hand. Everyone was so serious, as if they were making a piece of art unparalleled in the world. After a while, the steamed pastry was put on the table, gently biting on a bite, and the happiness arose spontaneously from the heart.


    Taohuawu Woodcut New Year Picture

    In the workshop, we experienced Taohuawu woodcut New Year pictures, a national intangible cultural heritage. Carving, coloring, printing, through layers of processes, a colorful, very folk characteristics of the woodcut New Year picture is completed.


    Suzhou Pingtan

    "When the moon falls, the crow crows and frosts all over the sky. Hanshan Temple outside Gusu City, midnight bell to the passenger ship." Thousands of years later, we recite this poem in Suzhou dialect, as if we felt the loneliness and sadness of the Tang Dynasty poet Zhang Ji in the moonlight. In the theater, the gentle pipa sound and the melodious Pingtan tunes attracted everyone's attention, and everyone listened and appreciated quietly.


    Kunqu Opera Museum

    In the Kunqu Opera Museum, we learned about the historical origin of Kunqu Opera and understood the reason why Kunqu Opera is respected as the "ancestor of all kinds of operas". Kunqu performers put on makeup and dress up bit by bit, and introduce them to us at every step. When a complete opera role appears in front of us, we are left to marvel at how classical beauty ah! Later, we tried to put on costumes and experienced a Kunqu opera performance, which was really "one minute on stage, ten years of success off stage"!


    Wuyue area is rich in cultural landscape and historical culture, providing excellent learning environment for children. Through this study tour in Wu-Yue, we have a deep understanding of the culture and historical inheritance of Wu-Yue area, broaden our horizons and broaden our knowledge. In the process of study tour, in the face of various unknown challenges and difficulties, the children find ways to solve problems through independent thinking and teamwork, and virtually exercise the ability of independent thinking and problem solving. Read more books, go farther, explore the bigger world!



    Not long ago, 27 fourth-grade students went to Huangshan accompanied by 4 teachers. During this trip, the students deeply experienced the rich connotations and unique charm of Huizhou culture, with every day filled with new discoveries and surprises. Tunxi Old Street, as the birthplace of Huizhou, carries a profound historical heritage. The students strolled through the ancient streets as if they had traveled back to the bustling ancient market. They listened to the guide's story of how Yishan was renamed Huangshan, feeling the changes of Huizhou's history.


    The history and social influence of Huizhou merchants were also major takeaways for the students on this trip. They learned about the rise and prosperity of Huizhou merchants and their profound impact on society through visits to the Huizhou Merchants Museum and listening to expert lectures. This not only gave them a more comprehensive understanding of Huizhou culture but also sparked their interest in commercial culture.


    Additionally, the students personally experienced the process of tea picking, tea making, and tea tasting. In the tea garden, they learned how to pick tea leaves and how to process them into fragrant green tea. During the tea tasting, they not only savored the fresh aroma of the tea but also appreciated the elegance and tranquility of Huizhou culture.


    During the construction process, they learned about the style and characteristics of Huizhou architecture and felt the wisdom and ingenuity of ancient craftsmen.


    Of course, tasting the local cuisine was also a major highlight of the trip. The students tried Huizhou specialties such as stinky mandarin fish and hairy tofu, which not only satisfied their taste buds but also gave them a deeper understanding of Huizhou's culinary culture.


    This trip allowed the students to gain a deeper understanding of different aspects of Huizhou culture in various forms. They not only broadened their horizons but also created unforgettable memories. This experience will become a valuable treasure in their lives, inspiring them to continue exploring the profound depth of Chinese culture.


    The trip to Huangshan was undoubtedly the climax of the students' experience with Huizhou culture. In the early morning, as the first rays of sunlight fell upon the peaks of Huangshan, the students began their mountain climbing journey. They ascended the winding mountain paths, with each step accompanied by astonishment at the beautiful scenery. The peaks of Huangshan are uniquely precipitous, shrouded in mist, as if they were in a traditional ink painting. The students took out their cameras to capture the rare beauty.


    The trip to Huangshan not only allowed the students to appreciate the grandeur of natural scenery but also provided them with exercise and growth through artistic challenges. They expressed their love and awe for the beauty of Huangshan in their own ways, and in doing so, they gained unforgettable memories and valuable experiences. Seeing the students demonstrate a spirit of continuous learning, reflection, and mutual support during the activities is indeed very heartening. These learning experiences outside the classroom, through hands-on practice, have allowed the students to gain a deeper understanding of Huizhou culture.


    During the activities, the students not only actively participated in various tasks but also continually reflected on their own performance, seeking ways to improve. They supported each other and faced challenges together, demonstrating the power of teamwork. This learning attitude and team spirit have a positive impact on their growth and development. It is hoped that the students will cherish this valuable experience and integrate what they have learned into their studies and daily lives. At the same time, it is also anticipated that they will continue to explore the charm of traditional culture in the days to come and contribute their strength to the inheritance and promotion of Chinese culture.