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    Congratulations to the Class of 2024 on their admission to world-renowned universities.

    School News

    09 Jul, 2024

    11 : 10


    The sudden summer rain marks the end of the golden years of high school, as we welcome another graduation season filled with memories.


    Outstanding Admission Results of the Class of 2024


    In this season of advancement, the graduates of the class of 2024 have once again demonstrated their excellence with outstanding admission results:


    **Admission Overview:**
    - 100% admitted to world-renowned universities
    - Over 6 admission letters per person
    - More than 30% of students received university scholarships
    - Total scholarship amount exceeds 9 million RMB
    - Over 80 types of majors involved


    **Comprehensive Direction:**
    - 1/3 of students admitted to UK G5/Global TOP10 universities
    - Over 90% of students admitted to Global TOP38 universities
    - 1 student admitted to the University of Oxford's engineering program for a combined bachelor's and master's degree
    *According to the "2025 QS World University Rankings"


    **Art Direction:**
    - 50% of students admitted to the top 1 undergraduate art school globally
    - 75% of students admitted to the top 15 art schools globally
    - 50% of students received university scholarships
    *According to the "2024 QS Art and Design Major Rankings"


    **Music Direction:**
    - 100% of students admitted to the top 10 music schools in the UK
    *According to the "2024 QS Performing Arts Major Rankings"


    **University Distribution:**
    - 48% of OFFERS from the UK
    - 24% of OFFERS from the USA
    - 16% of OFFERS from Australia
    - 4% of OFFERS from Canada
    - 8% of OFFERS from Singapore and China (Hong Kong and Mainland)


    Complete List of Admitted Universities and Majors


    United Kingdom (*sorted by the first letter of the university's English name)

    - Anglia Ruskin University

      - Computer Game Art ×1

    - Bournemouth University

      - Game Design ×1

      - Computer Animation and Visual Effects ×1

    - Cardiff University

      - Computer Science ×1

    - Durham University

      - Business and Management ×1

      - Accounting and Finance ×1

      - Music ×1

    - Imperial College London

      - Electronic and Electrical Engineering ×1

    - King's College London

      - General Engineering ×1

      - Political Economy ×1

      - Management and Financial Mathematics ×1

      - Physics ×1

    - Kingston University

      - Photography ×1

      - Creative and Cultural Industries: Events and Experience Design ×1

    - Lancaster University

      - Computer Science ×1

    - Leeds Conservatory

      - Music ×1

    - Manchester Metropolitan University

      - Computer Animation and Visual Effects ×1

    - Newcastle University

      - Architecture ×1

    - Oxford Brookes University

      - Media, Media, and Culture ×1

    - Queen Mary University of London

      - Physics ×1

    - Royal Northern College of Music

      - Music ×1

    - Sheffield Hallam University

      - Game Art ×1

    - Teesside University

      - Game Art ×1

      - Concept Art ×1

    - University of Edinburgh

      - Economics and Politics ×1

      - Physics ×1

    - University College London

      - Economics ×2

      - Business Information Management ×1

      - East European Business Economic Research ×2

      - Biomedical Sciences ×1

    - University of Leeds

      - Accounting and Finance ×1

    - University for the Creative Arts

      - Game Art ×1

    - University of Brighton

      - Illustration ×1

    - University of Bristol

      - Economics ×1

      - Mathematics and Statistics ×1

    - University of Glasgow (scholarship of 21,000 GBP)

      - Finance and Mathematics ×1

    - University of Leeds

      - Film, Photography, and Media ×1

      - Physics ×1

      - Business Management ×1

      - Mathematics and Statistics ×1

    - University of Liverpool

      - Computer Science ×1

    - University of Manchester

      - Management ×2

      - Mathematics and Statistics ×2

      - Mathematics and Finance ×3

      - International Business Economics and Management ×1

      - Economics ×4

      - Electronic and Electrical Engineering ×1

      - Economics and Politics ×1

    - University of Nottingham

      - International Media and Communication Studies ×1

    - University of Oxford

      - Engineering ×1

    - University of Portsmouth

      - Computer Animation and Visual Effects ×1

    - University of Sheffield

      - Landscape Architecture ×1

      - Urban Studies and Planning ×1

      - Business Management ×1

      - Business, Social Science, and Humanities ×1

    - University of South Wales

      - Computer Animation ×1

    - University of Southampton

      - Electronic and Electrical Engineering ×1

      - Accounting and Finance ×1

      - Music ×1

      - Game Design and Art ×2

      - Mathematics and Finance ×1

      - Mathematics and Statistics ×1

    - University of Surrey

      - Computer Science ×1

    - University of Sussex

      - Digital Media and Game Computing ×1

    - University of the Arts London

      - Architecture ×1

      - Photography Art: Photography ×1

      - Illustration and Visual Media ×1

    - University of Warwick

      - Accounting and Finance ×2

      - Physics ×1

    - University of West London

      - International Business Management ×1

    - University of Westminster

      - Music Production, Performance, and Business ×1

      - Photography ×1

    - University of York

      - Music ×1

      - Digital Media, Culture, and Communication ×1


    United States (*sorted by the first letter of the university's English name)

    - Arizona State University

      - Business ×1

    - California Institute of the Arts (scholarship of 108,000 USD)

      - Photography ×1

      - Bachelor of Fine Arts ×1

    - Case Western Reserve University

      - Psychology ×1

    - Gonzaga University

      - Business ×1

    - Maryland Institute College of Art (scholarship of 128,000 USD)

      - Bachelor of Fine Arts ×2

    - Merrimack College

      - Undeclared Major ×1

    - Michigan State University

      - Data Science ×1

      - Psychology ×1

    - Parsons School of Design (scholarship of 44,000 USD)

      - Photography ×1

      - Design and Technology ×1

    - Pennsylvania State University

      - Psychology ×1

    - Pratt Institute (scholarship of 88,000 USD)

      - Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design ×1

    - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

      - Mathematics ×1

    - Savannah College of Art and Design (scholarship of 48,000 USD)

      - Bachelor of Fine Arts ×2

      - Animation ×1

    - School of the Art Institute of Chicago (scholarship of 48,000 USD)

      - Photography ×1

    - School of Visual Arts (scholarship of 102,800 USD)

      - Photography and Video Program ×1

      - 3D Animation and Visual Effects Program ×1

      - 3D Animation and Visual Effects ×1

      - Illustration ×1

    - Suffolk University

      - Undeclared Major ×1

    - Binghamton University, State University of New York (scholarship of 36,000 USD)

      - Mathematical Sciences ×1

    - Stony Brook University, State University of New York (scholarship of 24,000 USD)

      - Mathematics ×1

    - University at Buffalo, The State University of New York

      - Statistics ×1

    - Worcester Polytechnic Institute (scholarship of 110,000 USD)

      - Data Science ×1

    - Ohio State University

      - Statistics ×1

    - University of California, Merced

      - Applied Mathematical Sciences ×1

    - University of California, Riverside

      - Data Science ×1

      - Computer Science ×1

    - University of California, Santa Cruz

      - Mathematics ×1

    - University of Connecticut (scholarship of 40,000 USD)

      - Applied Mathematical Sciences ×1

      - Sports Management ×1

      - Business ×1

    - University of Delaware

      - Mathematics and Data Science ×1

    - University of Iowa

      - Data Science ×1

    - University of Massachusetts Amherst

      - Mathematics ×1

    - University of Massachusetts Boston

      - Psychology ×1

    - University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

      - Mathematics ×1


    Australia (*sorted by the first letter of the university's English name)

    - University of Adelaide

      - Bachelor of Science ×1

    - Australian National University

      - Bachelor of Science ×1

    - University of Canberra

      - Bachelor of Education (Secondary) in Science ×1

    - University of Melbourne

      - Bachelor of Science ×6

      - Bachelor of Commerce ×5

      - Bachelor of Design (Architecture, Building and Planning) ×1

      - Bachelor of Biomedical Science ×1

    - University of Western Australia

      - Physics ×1

    - Monash University

      - Bachelor of Architectural Design ×1

      - Bachelor of Science ×1

      - Bachelor of Business ×1

    - University of New South Wales

      - Bachelor of Design ×1

      - Bachelor of Commerce ×1

    - University of Sydney

      - Bachelor of Science ×1

      - Bachelor of Commerce ×3

    - University of Technology Sydney (scholarship of 25% of full tuition fees)

      - Bachelor of Computer Science (Honors) ×1


    Canada (*sorted by the first letter of the university's English name)

    - University of British Columbia

      - Bachelor of Science ×2

    - University of Toronto

      - Rotman Commerce ×1

      - Co-op Management (Bachelor of Business Administration) ×1

      - Psychology and Health Studies ×1

      - Social Science ×1


    China and Singapore (*sorted by the first letter of the university's English name)

    - Chinese University of Hong Kong (full scholarship of 580,000 HKD)

      - Bachelor of Computer Science and Engineering ×1

    - Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (full scholarship of 680,000 HKD)

      - Bachelor of Business Administration ×1

      - Bachelor of Marketing ×1

      - Bachelor of Engineering ×1

    - Hong Kong Polytechnic University (full scholarship of 840,000 HKD)

      - Bachelor of Science ×1

    - Shanghai Jiao Tong University (first-class scholarship of 374,000 RMB)

      - English Engineering Cluster Program ×1

    - University of Hong Kong (full scholarship of 728,000 HKD)

      - Bachelor of Arts ×1

      - Bachelor of Engineering ×1

      - Bachelor of Business Administration ×3

    - Raffles College of Higher Education

      - Bachelor of Visual and Media Design ×1


    The final university and major choices of the Class of 2024

    *sorted by students' surnames

    Nemo Deng
    Monash University, Australia
    BSc Science


    Jenny He
    Durham University UK
    BA Accounting and Finance


    Alexander Huang
    University College London, UK
    BSc Economics


    Terry Lu
    Case Western Reserve University, USA
    BA Psychology


    Tico Luo
    School of Visual Arts, USA
    BFA Illustration


    Kevin Mao
    University of Nottingham, UK
    BA International Media and Communications Studies


    Rayna Ren
    University College London, UK
    BSc Biomedical Sciences


    Tina Wang
    University College London, UK
    BA Economics and Business with East European Studies


    Cherry Wang
    Raffles College of Higher Education, Singapore
    Visual and Media Design


    Jason Yang
    Leeds Conservatoire, UK
    BA Music (Classical)


    William Zhou
    University of Sheffield, UK
    BA Business Management


    Kitty Zhu
    King's College London, University of London, UK
    BSc, Mathematics with Management & Finance


    Oliver Cui
    University of Sheffield, UK
    BSc, Landscape Architecture


    Teddy Deng
    The University of British Columbia, Canada
    BSc, Science


    Annie Feng
    School of Visual Arts, USA
    BFA Photography and Video


    Jake He
    School of Visual Arts, USA
    BFA 3D Animation and Visual Effects


    Edmund Jin
    The University of Hong Kong, China
    Bachelor of Business Administration


    Debby Lin
    Imperial College London, UK
    BEng, Electrical and Electronic Engineering


    Kelly Liu
    Parsons School of Design, The New School, USA
    BFA, Design and Technology


    Anakin Ren
    University of Connecticut, USA
    BSc Business Administration


    Tina Song
    The Ohio State University, USA
    BSc Statistics


    Ryan Wan
    University of Edinburgh, UK
    BSc Physics


    Eric Wang
    University of New South Wales, Australia
    BSc Science


    Eason Zhang
    University of Oxford, UK
    MEng Engineering Science


    Christin Zhu
    Teesside University, UK
    BA Concept Art


    The University of Hong Kong, China
    Bachelor of Engineering



    At this special moment, the graduation ceremony for the 2024 senior high school students of Lin-gang Yaohua was held with great splendor in the school auditorium, paying tribute to the youthful years we have spent together, expressing gratitude to parents and teachers for their cultivation, and also offering the best wishes for each other's future.


    Donation Ceremony Site

    Before the prelude of the ceremony, we witnessed a donation ceremony of great significance together —— the graduate Terry donated a crape myrtle tree that carries 27 years of spring and autumn to his alma mater. His eyes were shining with light, and his words were full of endless attachment and deep love for his alma mater.


    Graduation Ceremony Site

    In a warm and heartwarming atmosphere, students and teachers carefully helped each other to tidy up the solemn graduation gowns. The collar was gently smoothed, and the hem was carefully straightened. Every subtle movement contains care for each other. This friendship, like a gentle stream, will also accompany them out of the campus and become one of the most precious treasures in their life journey.


    At nine o'clock in the morning, the younger students and teachers held the growth album of the graduates and sent the most sincere blessings to the senior students with warm applause and cheers. The graduates passed through the main teaching building that carries countless memories one after another and arrived at the main venue, where the school had prepared a graduation gift carefully for the 2024 students —— each one contains a good wish and deep expectation for the future of the students.


    Leaders of the school, parents, and teachers gathered together, and the ceremony was presided over by the beloved A Level program coordinator. With the majestic and passionate national anthem and the melodious and pleasant school song, the graduation ceremony officially began.


    Dr Betty Chan Po-king sent blessings and congratulations to the graduates through a video from a distance. Faced with the ever-changing world development, Dr. Chen Baoqiong is full of confidence in the students. In addition to the school's support for students in all aspects, the future education department will help students to have a broader range of new technologies, explore the frontiers of knowledge, and cooperate with peers and experts from different backgrounds.

    The two principals — the foreign principal and the Chinese principal — extended the warmest congratulations and the most affectionate messages to the graduates who are about to embark on a new journey.


    Over the years of campus life, the efforts and persistence of the 2024 students have bloomed brilliantly in this season. They expressed their gratitude to the parents, teachers, and students who have accompanied them all the way with a series of awards. In the announcement by the head of the Chinese middle school, the head of the foreign middle school, the career and college counseling coordinator, and the career and college guidance teachers, the students received the certificate symbolizing honor from the school leaders — Student of the Year, Double Principals' Honor, Athlete of the Year, Career and College Counseling Honor, and the best performance and the most progress awards in each subject. May these honors also inspire them to continue to pursue excellence and climb to greater heights in the future.


    After years of hard work, the students of 2024 have continuously honed themselves, climbed to greater heights, and achieved self-transcendence again and again. The foreign principal and the Chinese principal awarded the graduation certificates symbolizing academic achievement and growth transformation to all the graduates and carried out a solemn tassel turning ceremony. This is not only an affirmation and commendation of the students' hard work, but also a grand declaration of their departure from the campus and the start of a new chapter in life.


    On the scene, the school also planned a small surprise — a carefully made campus photo video, which delicately outlines the growth trajectory and gorgeous transformation of everyone from childhood to graduation. This is not only a beautiful memory of their campus life but also a deep blessing for their new journey. May they continue to shine in the future with this precious memory and strength.


    Many of the graduates' teachers, although they could not personally attend this solemn and warm ceremony for various reasons, have crossed the boundaries of time and space, and sent their deep affection and sincere expectations through a series of carefully recorded warm blessing videos, allowing every graduate present to deeply feel the warmth and touch from the depths of their hearts.


    In the growth process of the students, parents have created a pair of invisible wings for them with a love as heavy as a mountain and a mind as broad as the sea, leading Yaohua students to fly over difficulties. At this unforgettable moment, the representative of the graduate parents also sent sincere expectations to the graduates.


    The two graduate representatives expressed their indescribable attachment and reluctance to their alma mater in a speech full of deep feelings.


    As the ceremony is coming to an end, the talented graduates used a carefully adapted "Qi Li Xiang" as a prelude and performed a unique song medley together.


    At the end of the ceremony, the Chinese vice principal delivered a heartfelt speech, full of sincere expectations and reluctance to the graduates. Principal Zhou slowly unfolded his words, like a vivid picture scroll, presenting the students' experiences on campus one by one, as if the footprints of growth were just yesterday, vividly remembered. When the words fell, the audience burst into warm applause and cheers. At this moment, all the graduates felt the deep care and blessings from their alma mater, and this strength will accompany them to a better tomorrow.


    The ceremony came to a successful conclusion, and the graduates had lunch with their families and teachers. Everyone sat together, laughing and talking, with a warm atmosphere. At this moment of parting, everyone raised their glasses to remember this unforgettable period together. No matter where they go in the future, YWIES students will never forget the care and teachings given by their alma mater, and they will move forward with the "home" taste of their alma mater, writing their own wonderful chapters on the road of life.