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    “World Classroom” Tour during Chinese Cultural Celebration

    School News

    20 Jan, 2017

    10 : 00

    • In the school canteen, traditional folk artists showed us how to make sugarcoated figurines, papercut silhouettes and dough figurines. In each themed classroom, games were designed for Primary and Secondary students. In the Japanese classroom, children not only learnt some English words describing Japanese cuisine, but also had the opportunity to learn about the uniqueness of Japanese cuisine and culture through activities. In the Canadian classroom, the senior students found pleasure in building the 3D Toronto TV tower, which was built with Italian pasta. Through many different kinds of games, students not only had a chance to discover and understand more about different countries and cultures, but also expanded their knowledge about these countries. In addition to these wonderful activities, karate, baseball and Mad Science also had children immersed in their activities.

      After all the activities, parents and students were invited to enjoy a wonderful cultural celebration in our school auditorium. Everyone enjoyed a great performance from our teachers, students and other performing artists. Traditional operas passed on the spirit of the Chinese Spring Festival. The relaying of the torch mimicked the spirit of the Olympic Games. The Lion Dance left the audience excited and the Chinese traditional clothing show gave audience members an amazing performance. Our Co-Principals led the traditional clothing show, together with teachers in Chinese traditional clothing, emperors with solemn majesty, knights with passion, dancers with grace, and fighters with heroism, as if through space and time, showing us the splendid and glorious culture of China. It was really a stunning audio-visual feast.

      By Lvy You, Chinese teacher
      January 20, 2017