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    New Student Orientation Camp

    School News

    09 Sep, 2015

    10 : 00

    • Students in teams of Green Dragons, Yellow Tigers, Red Phoenix, and Blue Horses entered tense competitions under the guidance of the teachers. The Red Phoenix, wholeheartedly united, unlocked the secret of the “magic carpet ride” game with the fastest speed. In the tense “boardwalk” game, the Blue Horses worked together and feared no danger as they reached the other shore. The Gold Tigers were surprisingly good at long rope skipping, and their excellent rope jumping skills impressed almost everyone in the park. The collective wisdom of the Green Dragons was brought out by the activity “landmines”. In all the activities, team members helped each other to overcome all the difficulties they met.

      After our picnic lunch, the next activity was an exciting treasure hunt. Grasping their treasure map, students trekked across the whole park to seek and find the pieces of treasure. Some students walked along the river trying to find clues, some squatted in the grass to search, some explored the bushes, and some even rummaged through the forest. After a while, there was a cheerful voice from a female student proclaiming, “I found it! I found it!” Everybody looked in the direction from which the voice had come from. A senior class student shouted excitedly “We finally found a part of this treasure!”

      The camp ended with laughter and the cheerful voices of students. They improved their understanding of our holistic education philosophy and they strengthened friendships. We hope their future studies and life in YWIES will be as bright as the orange colour they wore at the camp.