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    Great News for Fans of the Deep Sea!

    School News

    03 Apr, 2019

    10 : 00

    • At the beginning of this semester, another thrilling event was held at YWIES Shanghai Lingang: the school and Rainbow Fish Group formally signed the Research and Learning Co-operation Agreement. On the same day, Dr Wu Xin, Chairman of Rainbow Fish Group, brought several important guests to Lingang Campus to attend the signing ceremony.

      Rainbow Fish Group has a strong relationship with YWIES. The name of Rainbow Fish Group was created by a student from Yew Chung - the sister school of Yew Wah.

      History of our co-operation:

      1. In the second half of 2018, Professor Paul Yip, Chairman of Yew Wah Foundation, and Dr Betty Chan, Chief Executive Officer and School Supervisor of Yew Chung and Yew Wah, visited the Rainbow Fish Deep Sea Science Research Base in Lingang, and recommended the excellent project as a research base for children's continuous learning.

      2. On November 23, 2018, Primary and Secondary school students from our Lingang Campus visited the Shen Kuo scientific research vessel of Rainbow Fish Company, and they delivered a speech inspired by the visit under the national flag after returning to school.

      3. This semester, Mr Chen Chi, from Rainbow Fish, and Mr Zhou Qiang, the head of the Science Department of our school, led their respective teams to work together and opened a new after-school activity in our school: the STEAM course from Rainbow Fish. This course will help students who are interested in marine science and technology to understand the history of ocean exploration. Students will also have the opportunity to visit ships that have explored the Mariana Trench.

      During this event, 5 Grader Eason Huang shared his experience and feelings from visiting the Shen Kuo, describing how the students were captivated by the unique charm of science and technology, and also the strength of our motherland. He also expressed his admiration for the wisdom of the scientists and engineers.

      Christopher Munn, the Western Co-Principal of YWIES Shanghai Lingang, said that our school motto states we "align with science and technology", and the Rainbow Fish Group is one of the best resources of science and technology in Lingang. He added that co-operating with Rainbow Fish can help students to experience real science.

      Hoping that Rainbow Fish can bring real science to teenagers, Dr Wu believes that Rainbow Fish and YWIES's research and co-operation is very meaningful, and maybe some students will become interested in the ocean and devote themselves to ocean research and ocean preservation in the future.

      Later, Mr Zhou and Mr Chen Chi, the Director of the Rainbow Fish Science Popularisation and Research Department, signed the Research and Learning Co-operation Agreement on behalf of both sides.

      At the unveiling ceremony, Western Co-Principal of YWIES Shanghai Lingang Christopher Munn and Ms Zhou Zhaoying, General Manager of Rainbow Fish, jointly unveiled the memorial plaques. The two sides also presented gifts to each other. Ms Zhou presented A Brief History of Deep Sea Exploration, a book translated by the Rainbow Fish team, while Mr Munn gave the 85th Anniversary of Yew Chung & Yew Wah commemorative booklets to the Rainbow Fish Group.

      YWIES Shanghai Lingang hopes to bring more excellent resources to our school in the future and continue to build a better learning environment for every child.