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    A Special Day to Prepare the Best Start for You!

    School News

    03 Oct, 2019

    10 : 00

    • As summer moves to autumn, the new school season begins.In order to help each new student adapt to our Yew Wah family, we have kept a tradition over the years, the Yew Wah New Student Orientation Camp, to welcome each new student. At the same time, we have prepared a special opening session for every parent of new students, the New Parent Information Session, to help parents assist their children's transition in the fastest and easiest way!


      Have you heard of Yew Wah's "golden right hand" tradition?

      It is said that once you shake it, the chances of "failing" will be reduced, so the principals stretched out their golden right hands and stood at the gate early in the morning, trying to shake hands with every new student, in order to wish them a smooth entrance and progressive semester.

      At the same time, Admissions, School Office, Finance, Clinic, and Support staff were also performing their duties in the lobby early in the morning so as to help new students and parents better understand the academic and campus life at Yew Wah.

      New Parents Meeting: A Good Opportunity to Understand Our School and Meet Our Teachers

      In the auditorium, teachers of different subjects met with parents and students one by one, so that they could have a deeper understanding of the school curriculum, teaching mode, teaching management, home-school communication and other information.

      In addition, the school has also arranged one-to-one communication and consultation between parents, core teachers and subject teachers in the classroom, so that parents and teachers could become familiar with each other, so as to better liaise and communicate in the future.

      lFaculty: Our teaching team is more mature and diversified this year. The ratio of teachers to students is 1:7.

      We are committed to creating a caring community. In order to provide children with more comprehensive care and professional support, we have arranged two pastoral care co-ordinators, three child protection officers, five learning support and English support teachers, and two counsellors to better help them in their study and life.

      lCurriculum: In terms of elective courses, the school offers a wealth of elective courses for students.

      • Elective Courses in Primary School: Violin Courses, String Courses, and ICT Course are offered according to the needs of different grades.

      • Sixth Grade Elective Courses: Wind Orchestra, String Orchestra, Choir, Drama, French, and Spanish

      • Elective Courses for Grades 7 to 9: Wind Orchestra, Choir, and Drama

      lThis year, there are about 200 after-school activities (ASA), including new activities like hockey, English debate, archery club and picture book making. Meanwhile, this year we provide one-to-one private courses for students who particularly like music, including violin, viola, cello, bass, trumpet, trombone, saxophone, clarinet, flute, piano and vocal music.

      A delicious buffet lunch is a tradition of the New Parents Day. In the cafeteria, the elegant dining environment, the rich buffet, and the smiling service staff expressed the school's most sincere welcome to every new student and parent.

      New Student Orientation Camp – New Relationships

      The activities this year are wonderful as usual!Teamwork is an essential element of the activities. Fun events like water party and summer carnival were also included. Students explored the campus and got familiar with the new environment as well.

      Finally, regardless of whether they are new or old students, we will spare no effort to care for them all so that every Yew Wah student can feel the power of love.

      We wish all children a happy start to school!