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    Great News! Announcement of the 2020 Scholarships!

    School News

    23 Oct, 2020

    10 : 00

    • During the 2020 pandemic students have faced numerous unforeseen challenges with the introduction of online learning and repeated changes in the assessment criteria for many international exams.

      At the beginning of the school year, the much-awaited A Level and IGCSE results were finally released.

      Last semester, our Secondary students from different grade levels took AS and IGCSE examinations, and achieved very good results:

      AS Level
      51% of all of our AS grades were A
      73% of all of our AS grades were A-B

      47% of all of our IGCSE grades were A* or A
      88% of all of our IGCSE grades were A*-C

      Among them, 15 outstanding students have won our scholarships. They are:
      IG-2A Augustine
      IG-2B Daniel
      IG-2B Brian
      IG-2A William
      IG-2B Christy
      IG-2A Nikki
      AS-A Isabella
      AS-A Louis
      AS-A Vicky
      AS-B Emily
      AS-A Susan
      AS-B Cindy
      A2-A Hank
      A2-A Coco
      A2-A Simon

      Outstanding Secondary students from different grades who had taken the A Level and IGCSE exams were awarded scholarship certificates.

      Yew Wah subscribes to a holistic learning philosophy that encourages students to regard academic achievement as an important self-improvement challenge.

      The schools believe each student has his or her own starting point and therefore individual effort and progress is a fundamental assessment marker.