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    Shen Kuo Research Vessel Visits Hong Kong | Explore the Unexplored

    School News

    18 Dec, 2023

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    From 30 November to 3 December 2023, with the support of the Innovation, Technology, and Industry Bureau, the Government of the Hong Kong SAR of the People's Republic of China, and Harbour City Estates Limited, the organiser, Hua Xia Foundation and the co-organiser B & P Foundation Limited, will host the "HADALX Shen Kuo Research Vessel Deep Sea Expedition Open Day & Exhibition". Yew Chung Yew Wah Education Network (YCYW) is one of the event's supporting organisations. 


    This is the first time that the Shen Kuo Research Vessel has docked in Hong Kong; demonstrated the HADALX Manned Submersible, the model of Rainbowfish - HADALX HOV6000 6,000-metre Manned Submersible to the public; and offered a sea cruise. The organisers hope to immerse the public in the captivating world of marine science and stimulate their interest in this field. These activities will provide a comprehensive perspective on the development process and achievements of the popularisation of marine science in China.  



    A journey of deep-sea exploration


    To promote young students' understanding of developments at the forefront of deep-sea exploration, YCYW hosted a lecture "Explore the Unexplored" at YCIS Hong Kong on 28 November. Dr Wu Xin, Founder of HADALX, and Professor Qiu Jianwen, Associate Head of the Department of Biology at Hong Kong Baptist University, were the guest speakers. Students from various institutions in Hong Kong, as well as YCYW teachers and students, and other guests embarked on a journey of deep-sea exploration.


    The two speakers come from different professional fields. Dr Wu is a civil and marine engineer, an urban planning designer, and a senior member of the China Association for Scientific Expedition. He has travelled extensively around the world. In 2015, Dr Wu founded the HADALX club, which is dedicated to conducting scientific research and exploring the unknown world of the deep sea through innovative scientific techniques and engineering. His goal is to promote public awareness of the ocean and provide marine science education for young people.


    On the other hand, Professor Qiu is a biology expert. He has discovered 17 new species in just ten years. When numerous fireworms appeared on a Hong Kong beach in 2018, he led a research team to identify the species, and discovered and named a new species. In 2021-2022, Professor Qiu and his team published about four new species of sun coral, demonstrating the high biodiversity of corals in Chinese waters.


    Dr Wu described his journeys exploring the oceans and challenging the abyss. The oceans have 26 deep-sea trenches that exceed 6,500 metres, and the total area is larger than that of the contiguous United States. However, only about 5% of the seabed has been investigated by scientists so far. In his explanation, Dr Wu guided everyone through the 6,500-metre deep abyss in a simple and easy-to-understand way to learn how the genetic types of deep-sea micro-organisms affect the development of various industries, such as biomedicine, food and health products, marine preservation, and environmental protection.


    Dr Wu also introduced the upcoming construction of the Yew Chung Yew Wah Marine Scientific Research Vessel. The Yew Chung Yew Wah Marine Scientific Research Vessel is a modernised comprehensive marine scientific research vessel that integrates multi-disciplinary, multi-functional, and multi-technological means to cater to the requirements for supporting manned deep-sea submarines operating at depths of 11,000 metres. It provides underwater engineering support, for conducting multi-disciplinary marine research of the deep ocean, encompassing geophysics, marine geology, marine biology, and other relevant fields.


    After exploring the deep-sea, Professor Qiu introduced discoveries of marine species. For almost 20 years, Professor Qiu and his research team have dedicated themselves to protecting marine biodiversity. He discussed the new species that they have discovered in the deep waters of the South China Sea and the shallow waters of Hong Kong, such as rare beard worms without a mouth or a digestive tract, Catillopecten margaritatus, and new species of box jellyfish. He also elaborated on the research team's in-depth studies regarding  the population connection and conservation values associated with these newly discovered species. The Q&A session after a seminar is always very popular, and the students showed great curiosity and interest. Their questions covered a wide range of topics, including hot topics in marine science, future career opportunities, the technology for mapping deep-sea terrain, and biodiversity conservation. Dr Wu and Professor Qiu both noted that our understanding of the deep sea is still very limited. There are many unknown species yet to be discovered, and numerous disciplines can be applied to ocean exploration. Dr Wu and Professor Qiu strongly encouraged the students to pay close attention to the oceans, as well as the development of marine science and technology, and to consider exploring the oceans in the future.


    Dr Esther Chan, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of YCYW, delivered a speech after the lecture. She expressed her gratitude to Dr Wu and Professor Qiu for sharing their expertise about deep-sea exploration and marine species, thereby enriching our understanding of various scientific fields and sparking everyone's curiosity. "This year, we have established a new programme called the 'The Seeds for the Future'. Here, we are dedicated to collaborating with institutions around the world, just like HADALX and Hong Kong Baptist University, to enrich our school curriculum, as well as develop super-curricular programmes that extends our students learning beyond the classroom."



    YCYW's bond with the deep sea


    As early as 2018, HADALX and YCYW formed an inseparable bond. At that time, students from the Lin-gang campus visited Shen Kuo, HADALX's research vessel, to explore the marine trials and scientific expeditions of the Marianna Trench in 2018, immersing themselves into the world of deep-sea exploration. Later, the school collaborated with HADALX to offer STEAM courses, which helped students interested in marine technology to learn about the history of human exploration of the oceans.


    From 23 to 25 November, more than 50 Yew Chung and Yew Wah students from Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, and Yantai gathered at the Rainbowfish-HADALX Deep-sea Exploration Base in the Lin-gang Special Area, Shanghai, to participate in an underwater robotics training camp. Under the guidance of engineering and research experts, students had the opportunity to design, build, and test their own Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs).


    This time, at the "Explore the Unexplored" lecture, we invited two professionals from the fields of deep-sea exploration and marine biological research to give lectures at the school. The lectures provided in-depth insights into their areas of expertise; the event embodied our mission of aligning with "Science and Technology".



    Experience the grandeur of

    a research vessel

    within close proximity


    The "HADALX Shen Kuo Research Vessel Deep Sea Expedition Open Day & Exhibition" will involve a series of popular marine science activities, including the Shen Kuo Research Vessel Open Day, harbour excursions, exhibitions, and lectures. The model of Yew Chung Yew Wah Marine Scientific Research Vessel will also make its debut at the event.