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    “My Growth at Yew Wah” Interview Series

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    31 Mar, 2021

    10 : 00

    • No matter what we have, what we can create does matter.
      — Leo Lin

      Leo's Words
      Would you mind sharing with us the details of the offers that you have received?

      So far, I've received offers from six universities. The first one is from the Savannah College of Art and Design. They gave me a scholarship of $4,000 per year. My second offer is from the Cleveland Institute of the Arts, which offered me a scholarship of $10,000 per year. The third one is from the California College of the Arts, which is one of my dream schools. The fourth is from the Kingston University. Recently I received the offer from the Art Center College of Design, which is one of the best universities for Product Design and my ideal university. And the sixth one is from the Otis College of Art and Design. They gave me a scholarship of $10,000 per year. Of course, I am still waiting for the result of other schools.



      Savannah College of Art and Design

      Industrial Design

      Cleveland Institute of Art

      Industrial Design

      California College of the Arts

      Industrial Design

      Kingston University

      Industrial Design

      Art Center College of Design

      Product Design

      Otis College of Art and Design

      Product Design

      As one of the founding students, what are the most impressive things in your study experience at Yew Wah?

      The most impressive thing during my years in Yew Wah is the care from my teachers. When I first entered the school, I was introverted and sometimes I was afraid to speak. However, my teachers often encouraged me to communicate and try more. To sum up, although there were ups and downs in the five years in Yew Wah, my classmates, teachers and some staff around me are really kind and have given me a lot of help and support. I really appreciate them.

      As an art student, how do you comment about your art study at Yew Wah?

      I receive more freedom and attention when I study art at Yew Wah. The school has always attached great importance to the art subject. In one sentence, the experience of studying at Yew Wah is quite good.

      Teacher's Words

      Ms Zhang, Leo's Art Instructor
      Leo is a student with a dedicated research spirit and professional potential. Leo always impresses his audiences with works that are honest and low-key and executed with pragmatism. Through his talent and hard exploration, I believe he will achieve his own success in the professional field in the future.

      Ms Wasserman, Head of Visual Arts
      Leo explores the possibilities of industrial design by creating realistic solutions to real world problems. His designs serve more than one function, eliminating waste and allowing for more convenient interaction and user experience. Leo questions the "silent rules" set out by society, the orderly way of everything, and comes to his own realisations.

      Mr Briggs, Core teacher of Leo
      Leo has been highly impressive from the first time I saw him. In the beginning, he was interested in a huge range of areas: models, lighting and camera work. He helped around the school in many projects. Later, however, Leo threw himself into his academic studies and he did this whole-heartedly, determined to make the best of himself. He is an example to others on both these counts: firstly, he has a widely established number of interests and wants to help out everywhere he can; secondly, he has managed to combine this with his studies.

      I remember when I first knew Leo, his pigeon hole used to be a disaster of organisation on an international scale; additionally, he would always carry multiple bags around with him and drop things left, right and centre. But then he decided one year to organise himself. In truth Leo did this for himself but he did have people around him who made a big contribution.

      Leo has been single minded in chasing down his targets but he has also never forgotten the human qualities which are also important and is tremendously kind to those around him. So, I wish him every success in the future. But also, and equally importantly, every happiness in the future.

      Ms Liu, Core teacher of Leo
      I look forward to even greater success in his professional and personal growth.

      Ms McIntosh, University Guidance Counsellor
      Leo is a dedicated, hard-working, patient student with a never-say-die attitude. He exhibits character traits seen in so few and I have had the opportunity to watch him develop his character over the past four years. More specifically, he has consistently expressed an interest in Art and Design which was nurtured by his Art and Design teacher and thus his passion grew, particularly for three-dimensional form in his senior years.

      He has an amazing attitude and is often the go-to person for school productions, sporting events and music concerts as his organisational skills and entrepreneurial spirit means that he is resourceful and will come to the help of teachers and peers alike.

      Leo is not a one trick pony; in fact he has many strings to his bow which makes him an ideal candidate for any institution of higher education. He is a gregarious, kind-hearted young man. I know Leo is receptive to feedback and thus will develop his ideas and ability over time. His tenacious, creative and hard-working ethic will assist him to be successful in his artistic endeavours and I for one am excited for his future.

      Mr Lyu, Head of Secondary, once a Maths teacher of Leo
      Leo has been studying in our school for a long time. He's got a lot of good qualities. I can see many improvements in him in these years. He has received offers from his ideal universities, and we wish him more significant success in his future studies.

      Does the sharing of our excellent student inspire you?

      We believe that you will continue to surpass yourself! You could be the next role model student! Let's go forward together!