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    YWIES Shanghai Lingang Young Musician of the Year Competition Results

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    21 May, 2019

    10 : 00

    • The annual YWIES Shanghai Lingang Campus "Young Musician of the Year" Competition ended with big applause! A total of 70 students took part in the competition, and after more than two months of multi-round selection, 19 students made it into the finals. The whole music competition was brilliant, full of surprises and passion!

      In this event, we invited Beth Kerzee, Head of the Music Department at the YCIS Shanghai Gubei, as a guest judge to give fair and professional marks to every contestant.

      The concert consisted of a primary group and a secondary group, and in each group, students were again grouped by their age to compete with each other, thus making the contest fairer and more reasonable.

      This year's contest was full of surprises. Almost every player performed well in this competition. Whether they were playing the national instruments such as zither, erhu, or flute, Western instruments such as violin, piano, or clarinet, or they were singing and dancing, all students exceeded our expectations. With all these excellent programmes, which contestant will stand out and win the first prize?

      Let's congratulate the winners of the following from the primary and secondary groups.
      Primary school winners’ list:

      Music Champion (Upper Primary School group)
      Best Musical Performance (Upper Primary School group)
      Jerry Zhao (Grade 5)

      Best Musical Performance (Lower Primary School Group)
      Cindy Feng (Grade 3)

      Best Performance (Lower Primary School Group)
      Roy Wang (Grade 3)

      Best Performance (Senior Primary School Group)
      Brian Shen (Grade 5)

      List of winners in the Secondary School group:
      Music Champion (Secondary School group)
      First Prize for Music in the Lower Secondary School group
      Jason Yang (Grade 7)

      First Musical Prize in Upper Secondary school
      Susie He (Grade 10)

      Although the result of the contest is important, it is more important to learn to enjoy the process of the competition and the charm and happiness of the music itself. Therefore, all the participants' musical spirit and excellent musical ability are equally worthy of recognition and reward.

      Through this competition, the children not only improved their playing skills and singing skills and enriched their stage performance experience, but also gave everyone a wonderful auditory feast. We hope that the children would not forget their original intention and continue to journey down the road of music with a happy demeanour. The purpose of music is to help us enjoy a better life. What it brings us is the pure beauty and enjoyment of art.