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YWIES Shanghai Lingang strengthens ties with local community

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Yew Wah Exchange Day

YWIES Shanghai Lingang held its first ‘Yew Wah Exchange Day’ on 22 October and engaged students of Hai Yin Preschool with some fun sports activities, as part of the school’s initiative this academic year to roll out a series of exchange activities, in the hope of strengthening its ties with local community, as well as offering neighbouring community an opportunity to experience Yew Wah’s unique bilingual and international education learning approach.

Mr Tom, our PE teacher, gave a very interesting lesson of outdoor ball games to the students, who were deeply charmed by him and his well-designed sports activities.

Walking, running, jumping and throwing were some of the actions embedded in the activities. The children were thrilled and had so much fun on the day.  

We thank Hai Yin Preschool for their support and participation. YWIES Shanghai Lingang looks forward to the next ‘Yew Wah Exchange Day’.

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