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Ring the New Year’s Bell Warm the Winter with Music

Ivan Zhang, Primary Music Teacher

The annual New Year's Festival came with a happy rhythm. The primary and secondary students of YWIES Shanghai Lingang have celebrated this happy festival with warm songs and beautiful melodies.

Throughout the concerts, the wonderful combination of the music notes brought us fantastic audio-visual enjoyment: from classical to modern music, some were elegant, and others were popular; when the students played the New Year's eulogy with piano and violins, it was the climax of this festival!

Primary school

“Jingle Bells” performed by the third grade string orchestra made you fully feel the joy of the New Year with a relaxed and happy melody. First grade children also showed their strength, singing in fresh, sweet voices. Although they were the youngest, they had confident smiles and stage style.

Secondary school

The children of the secondary school fully demonstrated their professional musical ability in the concert. The choir brought joy and warmth of love through "Praise the Lord with Joyful Song", and "Jingle Bell Rock" played by the Yew Wah band ignited the passion of the audience.

During this music festival, all the students showed their love for music. Perhaps their playing skills were not yet perfect, but they demonstrated what they have studied and practised in these few months. We shared music together and had a great memory about this New Year's event.

It’s beautiful and fulfilling to have music during the New Year. We hope that this New Year's concert has brought you a pleasant experience of music culture!

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