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Beautiful Weather for Our Annual Sports Day!

With the cool spring breeze and warm sun, April was the perfect time for outdoor sports. YWIES Shanghai Lingang also seized this beautiful moment to have a vigorous sports meeting!

Our four houses once again made up the teams: Blue Sharks, Yellow Lions, Red Eagles, and Green Bears. The sports awards won by students were counted as scores in their houses. So they fought for the house honour together!

The sports items included:
● Cross Country Run
● Shot Put
● Long Jump
● High Jump
● Basketball

In addition to the above items, there were many interesting sports games and entertainment items:
● Inflatable castle for Primary students
● Tug-of-war
● Rainbow ball, kangaroo jumping, rope skipping….

Children showed great athletic talent and ability in many games, and achieved good results, thanks to the daily physical exercise.

After seeing the children's joyous sports day, are you tempted to lay down what you are doing and go out for some sports?

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