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What You Need to Know about Yew Wah’s Child Protection Policy

Full Transparency with Faculty and Parents
Yew Chung and Yew Wah carry out regular school safety education courses in kindergartens and international schools. We have developed a Child Protection Policy detailing the procedures to be followed if any child neglect or abuse comes to light. Teaching staff and parents both participate in relevant lectures. Material relating to child protection awareness is regularly produced for broad consumption and our programmes are promoted through school activities that build a warm, happy and responsive culture.

1. Communicating Campus Safety Protocols
Child safety has always been fundamental to Yew Wah’s education philosophy and we constantly strive to improve the system. Safety covers all aspects of campus life from the facilities and security to catering, the school bus, and pastoral care. Yew Wah has safety posters right across the campus informing students how to contact teachers, child protection officers, counsellors, or heads of pastoral care. We have also printed relevant policies relating to child protection on visitor cards. Our system works with full transparency and the full support of all working professionals on the campus. Also, Yew Wah regularly conducts fire drills to help students master the emergency escape routes and learn useful mitigation skills.

2. A Protective Ecosystem All the Way through
At Yew Wah, every faculty member is part of the protective ecosystem. The HR Department secures the safety of students starting with the recruitment process and sourcing. All new employees of Yew Wah undergo a strict background check before any job is offered. And at the start of each school year, the child protection officer provides training on school policies for new employees. They are required to carefully read and sign our Child Protection Policy along with other relevant documents. This ensures a secure environment for students. Yew Wah employees also sign a Code of Conduct to keep abreast of the school's latest policy on child protection.

CCA external resource teachers also participate in child protection training and sign documents to indicate they are fully aware of Yew Wah's Code of Conduct for child protection. Yew Wah teachers and any staff working closely with students must also complete an online course on child protection provided by the UK Professional Certification Authority. In addition, boarding school and Residence Hall Teachers also attend BSA child protection courses each year.

3. A Safety Group to Devise Policy
At Yew Wah we have a professional “school safety and child protection” working group that devises relevant policies. We regularly review the implementation of these policies and modify systems as required.
All the members of this group are experienced, trained professionals. They have clearly defined roles and provide a solid safety net for Yew Wah students.

4. Safety Fundamentals Stay through Life
We help students become aware of safety issues at times of emergency and equip them to think independently on matters of prevention and response. These are good habits that stay with them for life. Providing a safe and loving environment for all Yew Wah students is our fundamental commitment.

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