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    Our Graduates Are Favoured by Top Universities

    School News

    05 Feb, 2021

    10 : 00

    • .21 offers from top universities in the world
      .Two Cambridge interview invitations
      .$179,600 college scholarships in total


      The application season of 2020 has started despite pandemic and uncertainties of the international situation. Regardless of the difficulties of taking various exams and the cumbersome process of preparing application materials, students perform excellently, and we are frequently receiving good news!



      As of press time, the 12 A2 students have received 26 offers from the UK, the US, and Hong Kong, as well as two interview invitations from the University of Cambridge.

      Those offers come from the world's top comprehensive research universities, such as University College London, the University of Edinburgh, the University of Manchester, Michigan State University, the University of Hong Kong as well as some prestigious art universities such as California Institute of Arts, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Savannah College of Art and Design, the University of the Creative Arts, and the Cleveland Institute of the Arts. The students have received a total of $179,600 in scholarships.



      University Offers (University Offers Number)
      University College London Education/Psychology with Education/Statistics, Economics and Finance 3
      The University of Edinburgh Mathematics/Architecture/Economics with Finance 3
      The University of Hong Kong Science 1
      The University of Manchester Education/Mathematics/Economics and Finance 3
      Durham University Education 1
      King's College London Mathematics 1
      Michigan State University Psychology 1
      Kingston University Creative and Cultural Industries/Digital Media Technology 2
      University of Kent Architecture 1
      Goldsmiths, University of London Digital Arts Computing 1
      California College of the Arts Industrial Design/Art and Design 2
      Savannah College of Art and Design Industrial Design/Illustration 3
      University for the Creative Arts Fashion Branding and Communications 1
      Cleveland Institute of Art Industrial Design 1
      School of the Art Institute of Chicago Fine Art 2
      (Data as of January 07, 2021)



      A2 students have shared with us their learning experience and their future plans:



      When did you decide to drop an AS, and how difficult was that decision?



      I dropped Fine Art in my A Level. It was a very difficult choice as you know I’m applying for universities for architecture which must be related to art and design.



      Art was my weaker subject due to multiple reasons. My predicted grade was good, but we should always carry the strongest and most confident subjects to start the A Levels and I’m not sure with this.



      What I do and I recommend you to do is that really do research the university course website to see which subject they require. For example, those top universities I researched do not require art as a compulsory A Level course; only personal portfolio or sketchbook would be fine. So don’t just assume what they want and what they don’t want. Researching and consulting UGO can be really helpful and calm you down when making choices of A Levels.



      What are you most looking forward to when attending university?



      I always want to go to an UK university simply because I like the country. One thing I’m looking forward to is the closeness of its culture, and my major is also about the culture. I could just walk on countryside with the view the old British literature has written, or going to art galleries and exhibitions that are more commonly distributed than in Shanghai, or stay late in the university large libraries where nobody could bother me with my studies. Anyway, I’m looking forward to a new way of life and the people I could meet.



      I made my decision based on the curriculum structure. I chose the University of Hong Kong because it provides opportunities for me to study education with another science course together and it offers professional practicum.



      I think it is important to do the research and get to know the course outline for each university and in different region, not only focusing on the ranking of the major.



      I think the most important thing is to get to know the cities you are planning to study in. For example, do you prefer big cities or small towns and whether you like the culture of the city because it’s going to be four years of studying and living in a place you like is important. Also especially for art majors, you need to do research on your major and the different teaching styles. For example, for film study the US may be the best choice but some people may prefer more independent and experimental film education style which the UK schools will provide.