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    Be Proud of Our Yew Wah Students

    School News

    09 Apr, 2021

    10 : 00

    • April is the most beautiful month of a year. Warm breeze and green grass everywhere. Spring is full of vitality. We have competed so hard on playground to show our passion for spring.

      Our school held the 2021 Primary and Secondary Sports Day from April 8 to 9, 2021. We hosted the Primary Cross-Country Competition on 16 April. They gave children opportunities to show themselves.

      Let's look at every single wonderful scene of these sports events.

      Primary Sports Day
      The main concept of YWIES Primary Sports Day is ‘Fun of the Sports’. The various activities and games were carefully designed that skillfully integrated running, jumping and ball catching. The sweat on their forehead and youthful glows are the proof of the children's hard work and happiness. Let's appreciate their sports spirits!

      Secondary Sports Day
      All students participated in different kinds of individual and group activities, which were both interesting and competitive. It not only showed students’ individual ability, but also reflected their sense of teamwork. They worked hard and bravely which displayed sports style and features of Yew Wah students.

      Cross-Country Competition
      Nothing can stop our love to the sports. On 16 April, the Primary Cross-Country Competition was held successfully under the bright sunshine and blue sky. This competition not only tested the students' endurance and willpower, but also demonstrated students’ sports spirit of never giving up, and enhanced class cohesion and their sense of collective honour. Our Primary students has made striking achievements with high enthusiasm in the arena.

      Sports Spirit
      Yew Wah's Primary and Secondary Sports Day aims to provide students with opportunities to practise the knowledge and skills learned in daily physical education through various sports activities and competitions. Students will be able to promote interaction with others through sports competitions, cultivate team spirit, and gain a sense of collective honour and fun as members of the school. The sports festival is a part of the school's physical education curriculum. It can not only enhance the physical fitness of students and improve the level of sports competition, but also enrich the students' after-school life and promote the development of campus sports spirit.