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    2023 YCYW Lingang Carnival | Let's have fun~

    School News

    07 Nov, 2023

    14 : 03


    YCYW Lingang Carnival



    • 14:30-19:00, Saturday
    • November 25, 2023
    • No. 1-2 Yinlian Road
    • Pudong, Shanghai
    • 021-6118-0809 (YWIES Lingang)021-2226-7666*3 (YCIS Lingang)

    On November 25 (Saturday), 2023, YWIES Shanghai Lingang and YCIS Shanghai Lingang will hold the YCYW Lingang Carnival to contribute to a warm and harmonious international community in Lingang.


    This event aims to inform more people about the characteristics of YCYW and build up good relationships between children and parents. The carnival will hold a variety of interactive activities that are divided into six sections, centring on the three School Mottos of YCIS and YWIES: Align with Science and Technology, Align with Culture and Arts, Align with Love and Charity.


    1. Musical Performance


    •  First Session 15:30-15:50 
    •  Second Session 16:30-16:50 


    Ballet Dance, Strings Ensemble

    Jazz Dance, Musical

    Rap Song, Band



    2. Sports & Games


    Equestrian, Fencing, Soccer

    Taekwondo, Golf

    Basketball Machine

    Mini Table Tennis



    3. STEM


    TESLA , Drones

    Robots, AR Experience, 3D Printing

    Magic Science



    4. Arts


    Flower Arrangement

    Sugar Painting, Badge Making

    Dough Figurine 

    DIY Artwork, Playdough Design

    Face Painting



    5. Fayre


    Clothes, Books, Accessories, Plants

    Handicrafts, School Supplies

    Daily Necessities



    6. Foods


    Ice Cream, Desserts

    Barbecue, Coffee and Tea



    -   E N D   -