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    YWIES Lingang Held the First English Workshop for Parents Peter Moore, English Teacher

    School News

    29 Apr, 2016

    10 : 00

    • The library is the venue for the workshop, and it is a great choice as we are trying to develop and encourage all of our learners to become voracious readers of English literature. It was great to see parents having a look around the library and perusing all the great books we have available.

      The workshop began by exploring the links between reading and language acquisition. We spoke about the learning programmes we have the learners involved in and how that benefits them and us, their English teachers. Programmes such as Read Theory, our leveled reading programme in the library, and English Weeks, to name a few, are invaluable to our instruction at YWIES.

      We also felt it was of utmost importance to show how reading and writing are closely linked, and how success in one ensures success in the other. We explained how we incorporate reading and writing into the classroom and how we are already seeing fantastic progress in language ability in all of our students due to these strategies. It was then time for the parents to get involved in our mock lesson. The parents displayed great enthusiasm and a fantastic spirit of participation when it was their time to be the students and complete the tasks we had set out for them.

      After some fun activities and a few laughs, it was time to discuss our language learning philosophy. We felt this was extremely important to share with the parents as it illustrates what tenets we rely on as teachers to ensure that optimal learning takes place in every lesson. Some of the points discussed were:

      • Learning new words in a variety of contexts.
      • Making sure the learner has opportunities to use their newly discovered vocabulary.
      • Zone of Proximal Development, and how it is applied in our English classrooms.

      To conclude the workshop, we discussed with parents what they can expect going into the future. We plan to continue encouraging reading through all Grades to ensure students’ continued success in their language acquisition. We will also have regular English weeks and more games and activities, which will provide learners with even more valuable contexts for learning.

      Thank you to all parents who attended the workshop! Your support and involvement in your child’s education is invaluable to us and to your child.