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    Yew Wah Students Carry Out Academic Exploration

    School News

    14 Sep, 2020

    10 : 00

    • As a leading international education school, Yew Wah has been committed to introducing more high-quality education resources to create more learning opportunities and better learning conditions for students. Yew Wah has always adhered to our school motto of "Align with science and technology". In Yew Wah's educational philosophy, the study of science and technology is not limited to books and lessons.

      Before World Ocean Day this year, Yew Wah, Rainbow Fish, and The Geeky Abyss, launched an academic programme aimed at leading deep-sea technologies. Outstanding Yew Wah students have made academic explorations of cutting-edge deep-sea science and technology, as well as practised the theme of World Ocean Day 2020 with practical actions: Innovation for a Sustainable Ocean.
      These students provided lucid scientific expressions, inquiries and elaborations, as well as detailed and accurate analysis. With an average age of only 16, the amazing academic performance of Yew Wah Upper Secondary School students makes teachers and parents feel proud.

      Even more striking, was the fact that there were twice as many girls as boys in the programme. The girls used this event to break down the stereotype that boys are better at science and technology.