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    Align with Love and Charity—— Summer Camp Charity Activity

    School News

    28 Aug, 2020

    10 : 00

    • The purpose of education is character building. Yew Wah aligns with love and charity, in order to cultivate students into better citizens of the world. This summer, YWIES Shanghai Lingang successfully participated in the charity activity of "Broadway into the Beautiful Countryside of China" launched by Sunrise Club, China Poverty Alleviation Foundation and Pinyou.

      Align with Love and Charity
      As the sponsor of this charity activity, YWIES Shanghai Lingang donated a large amount of painting materials and teaching materials to the local Hope Primary School and rural schools. Our parents and students also donated oil painting sticks, colour lead, watercolour pens, as well as other painting materials and tools. Yew Wah's children also made letters, cards, and other gifts, which were delivered to the students of Puyang Hope School through the teachers of the Sunrise Club. Each donation comes from a caring heart as it sows the seeds of love in the hearts of children.

      During the 10-day summer camp, Jennifer Jin, Grade 5 student from our school, went with the Sunrise Club to visit Baipu Primary School, Hope Primary School in Chenzhuang Town, as well as No. 1 Middle School in Chenzhuang Town. She participated in a charity show created for teaching and learning exchanges, in addition to other public welfare activities.

      Sunrise Club delivered the materials donated by our school, parents, and students to these three schools. They played the video of Ms Linda Lee, our Chinese Co-Principal and Activity Co-ordinator Ms Fion's message for the teachers and students who participated in the exchange activities. Jennifer, the student representative, expressed our sincere wishes to the students of Hope Primary School.

      The theme of this summer camp was to combine performing arts with public welfare. For example, Jennifer and the musical drama students lived together with three locally funded children. They helped each other learn and perform an original English musical drama Hope.

      Yew Wah adheres to the philosophy of holistic education and is committed to developing students' character, which is the most important shared responsibility of school and family, as well as the mission of Yew Wah. In like manner, Jennifer helped and supported Han Yadi enthusiastically and actively with love and patience. When the project ended, Jennifer's mother said, "I am very happy with Jennifer's growth after seeing her performance in the summer camp. She has become more sensible, and understands that love means learning to give. We also hope that Jennifer and Han Yadi will continue to communicate through letters and nurture their beautiful friendship forever." We believe that Jennifer will continue to make a positive impact in the future and she is an example of the good character that we hope to develop at Yew Wah.