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    Bravo! Musician of the Year at YWIES Shanghai Lingang

    School News

    20 Nov, 2020

    10 : 00

    • 2020/2021 YWIES Musician of the Year was held successfully in YWIES Shanghai Lingang on November 20, 2020. There were a very large number of contestants this year.

      This year’s finalists are:
      1A Amy Leng
      2A Alice Yan
      2B Holly Zhang
      2B Evan Wu
      2B Hale Du
      3A William Sheng
      3B David Huo
      3A Matt Zhang
      3A Eason Kuai
      3A Harley Song
      3A Suri Zhang
      5C Elaine Bao
      5A Lucas Sun
      5B Thomas Li
      4A Chaochao Tang
      4B Jack Lu
      4C Daisy Wu
      5C Teejay Ye
      5B Cindy Feng
      6B Andrew Zheng
      6D Yoyo Dai
      7B Jerry Zhao
      8A Kylie Tong
      8C Frank Qi
      IG1C Orlando Zhao
      IG2A Thomas Wang
      IG2A Jerry Li
      AS-A Tina Tian
      IG1C Rayna Ren
      IG1D Alex Huang

      This year's contest was full of surprises. Every player performed well in this competition. All students exceeded our expectations.
      Who were the winners of this competition?
      Let's give our congratulations to the following children!

      The Winners in Primary
      Prize Grade Name
      Lower Primary First Prize 3A William Sheng
      Lower Primary Second Prize 2A Alice Yan
      Lower Primary Third Prize 2B Holly Zhang
      Upper Primary First Prize 5C Elaine Bao
      Upper Primary Second Prize 4A Chaochao Tang
      Upper Primary Third Prize 5B Cindy Feng
      Overall Winner Primary 4B Jack Lu

      The Winners in Secondary
      Prize Grade Name
      Middle School First Prize 6B Andrew Zheng
      Middle School Second Prize 7B Jerry Zhao
      Middle School Third Prize 6D Yoyo Dai
      High School First Prize ASA Tina Tian
      High School Second Prize IG2A Thomas Wang
      High School Third Prize IG1C Orlando Zhao
      Overall Winner Secondary 8C Frank Qi

      Although the result of the contest is important, it is more important to learn to enjoy the process of the competition and to enjoy the charm and happiness of the music itself. Therefore, all the participants' musical spirit and excellent musical ability are equally worthy of recognition and reward.

      The YWIES motto says that we "align with culture and art". In order to help our children to have progress in music, we have general music courses and string courses in Primary school. In Secondary school, students can choose to join the wind band, string orchestra, or the choir. We also offer IGCSE and A Level Music courses.