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    How to Be a “Helper” Parent | Parent Webinar Highlights

    School News

    21 Dec, 2023

    16 : 47


    The Power of Three: Smart Children, 

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    YCYW Parent Webinar Series

    At the latest YCYW Parent Webinar Series held on 16 November, Mr John Liu, Head of Pastoral Care at YCYW Education Network, discussed "How to Be a 'Helper', and Not a 'Rescuer'".


    In his speech, Mr Liu explained the difference between "helper" parents and "rescuer" parents. For example, "rescuer" parents fear uncertainty and tend to over-protect their children. Such parents impose their own ideas on their children, and they tend to put too much pressure on their children. Mr Liu later offered practical parenting advice on how to become a good "helper" parent. He also discussed how to use AI tools to help children develop independence, learn time management skills, and acquire better study habits.


    As a highlight of the webinar, members of the YCYW community, including Ms Jassmin, the mother of a student, and Jaymee, a YCIS Shanghai Year 13 student, shared their perspectives on "rescuer" and "helper" parenting styles. Ms Jassmin used the example of how she had helped her daughter cope with the pressures of university life. She emphasised the importance of respecting your children's ideas and decisions. Jaymee drew on her own experiences dealing with the challenges of IB studies. She explained how her parents had given her full autonomy over her studies, and how she had benefitted from this approach.


    During the Q&A session, Mr Liu responded to questions raised by the audience, including how to help children make plans for their future careers, and how to guide children in the use of AI tools.


    For your reference, we have compiled Mr Liu's key suggestions from the webinar. You can also access a recording of the full presentation by scanning the QR code below.


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     YCYW Parent Webinar Series


    Our next Parent Webinar on "Raising Resilience in Children – Why It Is So Important in Today’s World" will be held on 14 December. Dr Suzanne M. Anderson, a psychotherapist from Restorative Community Counselling (RCC), Singapore, will share tactics for fostering children's positive well-being. We cordially invite you to join us for this episode.