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    Our Key Words for 2023

    School News

    11 Jan, 2024

    12 : 00


    Dear Readers,


    When you think about 2023, what word would you use to describe it?


    After the recovery during 2023, we have become more eager than ever before to get together. We look forward to revisiting family and friends, and embracing new opportunities and insights. To mark our 90th anniversary,we organised celebratory events at YCYW schools around the globe. Theseincluded galas in seven cities, such as Hong Kong SAR, demonstrating theresilience and solidarity of our community. This year we celebrated the 30th anniversary of our first Yew Chung school in the Chinese mainland, and we also witnessed the inauguration of new schools and campuses across various cities, each a milestone in our educational mission. Innovative thinking about the future of education has characterised 2023. In this era of artificial intelligence (AI), how to empower students to learn in the future has become a prominent topic of discussion.


    We asked the leadership team at each school in the YCYW Education Network to summarise their school's experience during 2023 in one word. Whether you are a student, parent, staff member, graduate, or community friend who follows the developments of YCYW, these keywords should resonate with you.


    In her message for 2024, Dr Betty Chan Po-king, CEO & School Supervisor of YCYW, said, "As we embark on this journey, let us do so with purpose and determination. Let us embrace the infinite potential while upholding the timeless values that have guided us for almost a century. Although the path ahead might be uncharted, our unwavering commitment to educational excellence remains resolute. Together, we will champion educational excellence and empower our students to become well-rounded individuals capable of tackling complex challenges with imaginative solutions."




    YWIES Shanghai Lingang

    This year we have celebrated our new state-of-the-art sports facilities and the expansion of learning opportunities for our students. With new sports teams, an enriched Super-Curricular Programme, the strengthening of our English curriculum, and the resumption of overseas study trips, our school is full of enthusiasm and flourishing.




    YCIS Hong Kong

    2023 has been a year of growth for YCIS Hong Kong. Teachers, non-teaching staff, and students have launched many new initiatives, and our enrolment has increased. As we continue to challenge ourselves and gain wisdom, we will grow as a school and become better educators. 




    YCIS Shanghai Puxi

    Rejuvenation characterises YCIS. Creativity and passion invigorate our school. Both students and teachers have rekindled their enthusiasm, as they seek knowledge and wisdom in our vibrant and culturally-rich Shanghai.




    YCIS Shanghai Pudong

    The word "resilience" embodies our ability to adapt, overcome challenges, and embrace changes in the era of AI, while we maintain our commitment to providing top-quality education. Throughout the year, our students, staff, and entire community have demonstrated remarkable resilience. Moreover, as Co-Principals, we had the opportunity to discuss resilience in a webinar for parents, so the word perfectly summarises 2023 for us.




    YCIS Shanghai Lingang 

    "Roots" symbolise the foundation from which our school grows, and represent deep connections to knowledge and community. As a new campus, we are planting the seeds of education, nurturing growth, and fostering stability, just as roots do for trees.




    YCIS Beijing

    The new school year has witnessed an unprecedented strengthening of interactions and relationships among parents, students, and staff. Our shared vision and goals bring the entire community together.





    YCIS Chongqing

    In 2023, we have been cultivating stronger relationships with students, parents, staff members, and external partners. We have been actively creating a community culture that unites the home and the school, and nurtures bonds of friendship and solidarity.




    YCIS Qingdao 

    With the end of the epidemic, we have resumed various activities, such as sports leagues, student leadership training, underwater robot training camp, choir competitions, and the World Scholar's Cup. The campus has regained its former vitality. The global situation is changing rapidly, and we must embrace new opportunities and challenges. The widespread application of AI technology across various industries has heightened our awareness of the rapid changes within the field of education.




    YCIS Silicon Valley

    YCIS has been strengthening connections by fostering collaboration among employees, engaging with the community, maintaining close ties with former staff members, and implementing our educational purpose and vision. Together our connections enhance our collective journey towards excellence in education, and our connections have a meaningful impact on the community.




    Yew Chung ECE Section

    Celebrating both the 90th anniversary of YCYW and the 30th anniversary of YCIS Shanghai has been truly inspiring! A year has passed since we overcame the challenges posed by the epidemic. We have witnessed the unity of everyone involved in educating our young students. Teachers have accompanied the students on their journey of growth, and the professionalism of early childhood education has led the way. This year has been so inspiring!




    YWIES Beijing Yizhuang 

    The epidemic finally receded from our lives in 2023. More and more people are venturing out onto the streets, engaging with their communities, and exploring the wider world. After a long period of staying at home, studying online, and being unable to leave their countries, people are returning to community life. Building relationships with others will be a fresh endeavour, not only continuing the long-established understanding of community, but also giving rise to new concepts and possibilities for community engagement. As YCYW students return to the community, we look forward to a new sense of "unity": relying on each other emotionally; collaborating in work and study; and uniting in numerous ways. Together, we will create an inclusive and diverse community where all people can feel welcome.




    YWIES Guangzhou

    We have gratitude for the unwavering dedication of our staff, the enthusiasm of our students to learn, and the support of our community. These enable YWIES Guangzhou to provide a quality education for personal growth. We are grateful for every challenge turned into an opportunity, every lesson learned, and every achievement we have attained.




    YWIES Shanghai Gubei

    In recent years, our art and design school has continued to evolve, constantly challenging the limits of creativity and innovating to fulfil student needs. This year, with the support of our students and their families, we have reshaped our perspectives on art and design, encouraged students to view the world in new ways, and promoted social development in all aspects.




    YWIES Zhejiang Tongxiang

    This year, we enthusiastically embraced our "Tongxiang Together 24" vision, uniting students, parents, and staff. We have aimed to develop our school through collaboration, emphasising unity and shared goals. Together, we are working to create an inclusive learning community, that empowers all to excel and reach their full potential.




    YWIES Yantai

    The value and importance of human relationships is the core of YWIES Yantai. From expanding student support services; to strengthening academic, artistic, and athletic collaboration between YWIES Yantai and YCIS Qingdao; to developing partnerships between the schools and parents; to identifying and enhancing the personal strengths of our students and offering them highly personalised pathways for learning – all these endeavours begin with relationships.




    YWIEKs and YWITDCs 

    In 2023, Yew Wah International Education Kindergartens and Yew Wah Infant and Toddler Discovery Centres have been focusing on synergy and actively collaborating with parents to establish close channels of communication. Through open and transparent interactions, we have increased parent satisfaction and worked together to focus on and support the growth of their children.




    Yew Chung College of Early Childhood Education

    The College has been expanding rapidly since its inception in 2018. It is indeed just the right time for us to consolidate our success and the College's position in higher education.


    As a Chinese saying goes: "Even mountains and seas cannot distance people with common aspirations". 

    We look forward to your continued support in 2024.