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    Congratulations to the Class of 2022!

    School News

    08 Jul, 2022

    10 : 00

    • As the clock ticks
      The bell rings again
      The class of 2022 is about to go to
      The next stage
      As they entering colleges
      On the 90th anniversary
      Of YCYW's founding
      These 29 students have also
      Achieved excellent admission results
      A warm tribute to their alma mater



      Outstanding University Admissions


      The 29 students of class of 2022 received 127 acceptance letters (4+ OFFERs per student) and over 4 million RMB in university scholarships. Their final choices of majors and universities are:


      Harry FENG
      University of Manchester, UK
      BA Economics and Finance


      Cindy FU
      Fashion Institute of Technology
      BFA Fashion Design


      Isabella GONG
      Boston University
      BSc Biochemistry


      Elaine GUO
      School of Visual Art
      BFA Computer Art, Computer Animation and Visual Effects


      Susie HE
      University of Manchester
      Bsc Education


      Emma HUANG
      University of the Arts London
      BA Media Communications


      HUSSAIN Mirza Hadi
      Fudan University
      Bsc. Clinical Medicine


      Sara LI
      McGill University
      Bed.Bachelor in Secondary Science and Technology


      Vicky LIN
      University College London
      Bsc. Psychology


      Lynn LIN
      University College London
      Bsc. Psychology with Education


      Louis LIU
      University College London
      Bsc Biomedical Sciences


      Jane LU
      University of Toronto
      BBA Studies in Management


      Kris PAN
      Case Western Reserve University
      BA Psychology


      Steven QIU
      University of Bath
      Bsc Management


      Kelly REN
      The University of Edinburgh
      BA Sociology and Psychology


      Fabio REN
      University of Bristol
      Bsc. Mechanical Engineering


      Yuki RUAN
      University of Manchester


      Amanda TIAN
      University of the Arts London
      BA Fashion Buying and Merchandising


      Tina TIAN
      Boston Conservatory at Berklee
      BM Violin Performance


      Michael TIAN
      School of Visual Arts
      BFA Animation


      TJHIN Sartika Dewi
      University of Manchester
      Bsc. Chemical Engineering


      Linda TONG
      London Metropolitan University
      Bsc. Psychology


      Marilyn WANG
      Kingston University
      BA Product and Furniture Design


      Jimmy YING
      University of Warwick
      BEng Computer Systems Engineering


      Emily YU
      University College London
      BA Geography


      Nancy ZHANG
      Savannah School of Art and Design
      BFA Animation and Equestrian Studies


      Eagle ZHANG
      Durham University
      Bsc. Finance


      Steven ZHONG
      University of Massachusetts Amherst
      BA Economics


      Eric ZHU
      Lancaster University
      BEng. Mechanical Engineering



      Online Ceremony


      Due to the epidemic, the ceremony was held online. The two teachers most familiar to the students - Mr Samuel Man, A Level Co Ordinator and Ms Jennifer Liu, Career and University Guidance Office teacher, hosted the memorable ceremony.


      The ceremony began with a video message from Dr Betty Chan Po-king, CEO & School Supervisor of Yew Chung Yew Wah Education Network, congratulating each student on their successful completion of secondary life.


      Then, Mr Jeroen Gakes, Western Co-Principal cum Education Director and Ms Linda Li, Chinese Co-Principal, extended their best wishes and expectations to the students.


      In the parents' speech, Vicky Lin's mother, Ms Wang Jie expressed her gratitude and thanks to the school and teachers on behalf of all the parents.


      In the students' speeches, Isabella Gong and Kris Pan spoke about their growth and development over the years, thanking their teachers, classmates and families for their support and assistance.


      At the end of the ceremony, Ms Maggie Zhou, Chinese Vice Principal, and Mr Malcolm Harrison, Western Vice Principal also sent warm messages to the students, encouraging them to become better selves.


      At the ceremony, two talented students, Emma Huang, president of the Student Union, and Louis Liu, the winner of the Musician of the Year, also gave us wonderful musical performances:



      Experience Sharing


      As we will bid farewell soon, the students also left behind those unforgettable and affectionate moments for their alma mater with their words.



      Isabella GONG
      Boston University, US
      BSc Biochemistry


      I spent 7 years here in Yew Wah. Here, I joined a lot of interesting and challenging activities. The activities gave me abundant learning opportunities and an improvement in confidence. Yew Wah also enhanced my leadership. From house leader to school team leader, I learned about how to lead a team and solve problems from the inside. I also gained precious friendship here. I studied and lived here with my friends. This made my life colourful.



      Jane LU
      University of Toronto, Canada
      BBA Studies in Management


      During five years of Yew Wah, I have gained a lot in these years. For example, I have learned different knowledge in class every day and this knowledge can be used in my daily life, like Economy and Psychology. During the five years in the dormitory, I became more independent and prepared for living abroad alone in the future. And each activity, I play so happily.


      After five years, I became more independent and had my own ideas. When I left Yew Wah, the most difficult thing to forget was the relationship between me and my teachers and friends. There are so many memories, such as their picture of helping me; the moment that my friends comforted me and the time we laughed together.



      Amanda TIAN
      University of the Arts London, UK
      BA Fashion Buying and Merchandising


      In the 5 years of studying at Yew Wah, my biggest gain is independence, in comparison with the learning atmosphere and learning environment in the local school, Yew Wah pays more attention to students’ independence. Here, I began to learn to arrange the study time responsibly, instead of only playing, at the same time. I also clarified my future learning direction through continuous learning and trial. Even though I am about to leave here, I will still remember every stage of my upbringing here.



      Emily YU
      University College London, UK
      BA Geography


      During my seven years of study in Yew Wah, the school witnessed my change from an immature child to a confident and optimistic student. A wide range of school activities provides us with many opportunities to challenge ourselves. An excellent teaching environment encourages me to understand and find the course I am interested in.


      With my perseverance and the support from Yew Wah, I not only got the interview from the University of Cambridge, but also successfully got the offer from my dream school!


      When I was about to enter a new phase of my life, I will never forget the time in Yew Wah. I hope we have a bright future! Happy graduation!



      Tina TIAN
      Boston Conservatory at Berklee, US
      BM Violin Performance


      I spent almost four years at Yew Wah. Studying in high school is very hard, and you will encounter many unexpected difficulties and challenges. But I was so lucky to meet many excellent teachers and like-minded friends who have helped me immensely and brought much joy to my high school life. I am very fortunate that I came to Yew Wah and met them.



      Emma HUANG
      University of the Arts London, UK
      BA Media Communications


      “Gratitude”. It is the most valuable thing I learned in YWIES.


      First of all, I am thankful for my family, who has always been the most supportive and my most reassuring presence.


      I am also lucky to have met a group of my lovely friends here. They would wait for me to eat before getting up every lunchtime, comfort me with candies after failing an exam, “ji yi ji” together and have fun in the park, or occasionally be childish and “tussle” with primary school kids.


      I also met teachers (shout out to Mr. Colley!!) who taught us life lessons from the bottom of their hearts. And all the valuable opportunities and experiences that I have had in YWIES.



      Congratulations to the Class of 2022


      The admission season may not be
      The most splendid chapter of our youth
      But it must be the most unforgettable journey
      A short ceremony
      It is impossible to tell
      All the laughter and joy of the past few years
      Dear class of 2022
      Your YWIES journey is coming to an end
      Congratulations to all of you