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    ‘Championing Learning Communities for All’ – YCYW Parents Webinar

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    12 Nov, 2021

    10 : 00

    • Parents and educators across our network joined Ms Deborah McNally, Senior Curriculum Officer of YCYW Education for a parent webinar on 23 September 2021. The one-hour webinar was held under the theme "Learning Communities – a pathway to success" and focused on the flexibility and versatility of the concept, which marks something of a change in approach for our learning and teaching.

      Learning Communities is one of our key unique initiatives at Yew Chung Yew Wah Education. It is a partnership between students, teachers and parents who co-create and experiment learning experiences that are meaningful and distinctive.

      "Learning Communities – a group of people coming together for shared learning, discovery, and the generation of knowledge - drives transformation by curating and supporting learning and professional development opportunities for our each other, "explained by Ms McNally, a veteran in education for over 25 years.

      A Q&A session was also held after the presentation where parents were eager to raise questions to learn more about the concept and how would it influence their child’s learning and success.

      "Learning Communities teach and promote skills such as communication, problem solving and self-management, which are essential to help students succeed," she added.

      Ms McNally further explained how Learning Communities is being materialised and practiced within the schools: one subject, one class; one subject, multiple classes; multiple subjects, one class; and multiple subjects, multiple classes.

      The Learning Communities model, supported by the Cambridge University and being adopted around the world, is also corresponding to our vision of fostering students who are caring, positively minded and globally aware, in addition to academic excellence.