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    Walking You Through the Pure Imagination of Books

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    25 Feb, 2019

    10 : 00

    • This year, the Sunrise Drama Club of YWIES Shanghai Lingang led students into a magical library. After they had obtained the "reading ability" key, they opened the doors of the world of books one after another. Let’s see what they discovered on their amazing journey!

      At the Dream Library, people from far and near come to read the most amazing books written by world-famous authors. When the class arrives at the library, they don’t find it entertaining and seem unhappy to be there so the teacher decides to put on a magical red coat and become a magician to lead the children into the rich magical world of the books, so that they can understand the joy and charm of reading. Their minds are soon changed as the stories they know and love begin to come alive and dance off the pages!

      At first, children come to the underwater world to see the lovely mermaid and starfish, as well as the bright stars, and find that this is a happy world full of cheerful singing and dancing. Then they come to a fantastic world full of bright moonlight. Everyone attend the Jellicle Cat Family Ball. The cats sing and dance under the bright moon and revel in the night. Later, they visit the Kingdom of Africa, which is full of beautiful scenery of the great forest, and they meet many lovely elves too. They also meet beautiful and kind Cinderella in the castle. She is dancing with the fairy godmother. In the night, the superhero Spider-Man travels across tall buildings to fight against evil and save the world! Finally, they meet four lovely ballerinas, who are cute and lovely with charming dance moves.

      As the bell rings, the children return to the real world. The curtain falls, but the journey through the world of books will go on, because the children have got the key of "reading ability" and they can open a door to the world of books at any time. Always remember: You can find magic wherever you look; Just remember to open a book...."

      Dr Seuss, a famous children's writer, wrote: "The more you read, the more things you’ll know, and the more you learn, the more places you’ll go.” Compared with the rigid way of preaching, through theatrical performances, children can experience in a more vivid way how interesting reading is. At the same time, it also reflects the characteristics of Yew Wah's "integrated curriculum" – each subject is independent yet interlinked with each other, so that children can better master and apply each point of knowledge.