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    "The Blooming Youth of Yew Wah" – New Year's Celebration of the Residence Hall of YWIES Shanghai Lingang

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    25 Feb, 2019

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    • On the evening of January 23, 2019, all the Residence Hall Teachers and residents of Yew Wah International Education School Shanghai Lingang gathered to celebrate Chinese New Year.

      Expressing Gratitude to Kind Teachers

      With jubilant music, the New Year's celebration with the theme of "The Blooming Youth of Yew Wah" began. The Residence Hall Teachers thoughtfully recorded New Year wishes for the children: “Happy Year of the Pig! May everything go smoothly for you!” Every blessing represented teachers' deep love and concern for the children.

      This year's celebration was a splendid feast, with 13 performances and five rounds of award presentation.

      Let's have a glance at this year's wonderful performances.

      Brilliant and Exciting Performances

      ●Contributing Our Youthful Passion through Dancing
      This year's dancing performances were exceptionally wonderful. The first unit on the stage was the little performers from the first floor of the Residence Hall. With confident smiles on their faces, they stepped onto the stage with energy and instantly ignited the passion in the room. The next performance included dynamic dancing brought by Secondary students, which let the audience feel the passion and beauty of youth.

      Singing for the Future with Beautiful Voices
      In addition to dancing, teachers and children also performed with their sweet voices. Whether it was the magnificent "Vast Sea and Sky", the tender "In a Moment", or "A Small Boat in the Sea", all deeply touched the audience.

      ●Bringing Back the Traditional Culture with Language Art
      Secondary students Isabella Gong and May Li brought us a wonderful and funny crosstalk performance, so that we could relive the beautiful part of Chinese traditional culture. They used their humorous language to remind us to be down-to-earth and to do a good job, while not aiming impossibly high.

      In addition to the above programmes, there were also band shows, cosplay and other wonderful performances. The programmes were so rich that there was a steady stream of applause from the audience.

      Award Ceremony: Giving Encouragement to the Children

      At the end of each semester, Yew Wah awards children who perform well. This year, we arranged five rounds of award presentation, with 10 big awards!

      Namely: Best Relationships Award, Most Talented Award, Most Positive Attitude Award, Best Manners Award, Best Consistency Award, Best Organisational Ability Award, Award for Progress in English, Award for Overall Progress, Leadership Award, and Award for Outstanding Contribution.

      Let's cheer for all the students who achieved the above results!

      What is the "The Blooming Youth of Yew Wah"? As one of our students said, “We should use our wisdom and hard work to develop ourselves. We should honour Yew Wah with outstanding achievements and good character. In the new year, let's join hands, shoulder the responsibility, strive for the realisation of our dream, and strive for the brilliant future of Yew Wah!