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    Announcement of the 2019 CAIE Scholarships

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    12 Sep, 2019

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    • September 6 was our Parent Information Afternoon here at the YWIES Shanghai Lingang, and we also held the second annual CAIE Scholarships award ceremony.

      Last semester, our secondary students from different grade levels took AS, IGCSE, and Checkpoint examinations, and achieved very good results:


      43% of all of our AS grades were A

      25% of our students gained A grades across all four of their AS subjects

      33% of our students gained at least 3 A grades across all four of their AS subjects

      Economics – 75% of our students gained an A

      Mathematics – 64% of our students gained an A

      Art & Design – 50% of our students gained an A


      34% of grades awarded were either A* or A

      Art and Design – 75% of our students gained an A*

      Chinese – 93% of our students gained an A* or A

      Mathematics – 50% of our students gained an A* or A

      Additional Mathematics – 67% of our students gained an A, and 50% of our students gained an A*

      Economics – 44% of our students gained an A* or A


      Across the whole cohort 96% of the students gained “satisfactory” grades across the three subject areas of English, Mathematics and Science. 86% averaged “good” grades and 13% achieved “excellent” results as defined by Cambridge. Our Mathematics results were particularly impressive as 67% of the students achieved “excellent” grades and 38% of the students received full marks.

      We awarded generous scholarships to the students who had achieved excellent results in these three examinations.

      In addition to the wonderful award ceremony, this Parent Information Afternoon also allowed us to share many important messages to our parents:

      The Primary School began the first workshop in a series of parent learning community workshops. According to Yew Wah's philosophy, we believe that the best development for children can be achieved when the school and parents work together. Through this information session, parents understood two major channels of communication between schools and families: the curriculum blog and Class Dojo. The curriculum blog regularly shows the school’s curriculum, which enables parents to understand their children's learning content in advance, while providing possible resources and help. Class Dojo mainly shows students' learning process and results, and forms normal interaction with parents. Through these two platforms, parents can timely understand their children's academic and character development, and more closely link up with teachers and the school.

      The Secondary Parent Information Afternoon began with an introduction of the curriculum, character education and school activities. At the same time, UGO also introduced the work of university guidance counsellors. It is believed that this will be of better help to Upper Secondary students in university selection.

      Moreover, in order to supplement the information exchange, core teachers and subject teachers in Secondary School introduced their curriculum in detail in the classroom and communicated with parents face to face. The Upper Secondary Department held an education fair. Teachers from different subjects met parents at different booths, introduced the characteristics of their subject, and answered parents' questions.

      The growth and development of our children is a result of the combined efforts from parents and the school. Let’s accompany our children along their education journey!