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    Why Do We Emphasise Character Development?

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    24 Sep, 2019

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    • Our school motto says we will align with “love and charity”. It is not only a motto hanging on the wall, but also an extension of Yew Wah's character development course. Why do we pay so much attention to character development? What is the key role of the character development course for the children? How are these courses set up and implemented? Let's discuss it with our two Heads of Character Development in our primary school.

      1. Why DHave this Character Development Curriculum?

      Character development helps cultivate and promote children’s balanced development in moral, intellectual, social, and emotional aspects. It is a continuous learning process that helps students become virtuous, caring and responsible people with critically thinking skills. Character development can train students' practical abilities in real life, helping them make ethical decisions, reflect on spiritual feelings, and overcome social challenges.

      1. Our Curriculum System and Teaching Approach

      A Complete Teaching System

      The character development course at Yew Wah is based on the country's moral education curriculum, and draws lessons from the beneficial character development philosophy, forming a complete system. YWIES Shanghai Lingang has selected 35 character traits to be studied gradually by grade level, with seven topics each year. This school year's topics include patriotism, gratitude, generosity, self-discipline, courage, hard work and observance.

      The Approach of the Character Development Course

      Our school’s character development curriculum is very diverse. We focus on a new topic each month in our curriculum, and in the first week, the topic is introduced in the school assembly. In the other three weeks we give teachers more space and flexibility to teach individually, depending on the students’ situation, or give lessons by grade levels.

      1. How Can We Help Students Develop GCharacter?

      Positive Discipline Training

      We have adopted a positive discipline teaching method in student behaviour management that is consistent with our character development course. We have three core expectations for our students: be safe, be respectful and be responsible. From the school’s perspective, these expectations will run through all the elements of the Character Development Curriculum.

      To Cultivate Character in Action

      We arrange public welfare activities every year to let students realise their shared responsibility to their family, school, and society, so as to form good character that will serve society and contribute to the group. All students have opportunities to participate in these social services, such as visiting and serving in orphanages and nursing homes.

      “Seeds of Hope” is our co-curricular programme for all YCIS and YWIES schools to teach compassion and charitable service, aiming to nurture our students as servant leaders.

      We have Patriotic Day on the first Monday of each month to celebrate China. We have Thank You Day on the first Friday of each month to help students to show gratitude to and thank those who have helped them and given them what they have.


      Character development is an important aspect of a child’s development, and we hope our children can become not only successful, but have noble character. Good character not only helps students along life’s journey, but also helps them become global citizens who want to help make the world a better place.