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    Four Seasons – Drama Performance of the Sunrise Club at YWIES Shanghai Lingang

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    28 Feb, 2020

    10 : 00

    • On a cold winter day, our campus staged this semester's most enthusiastic drama performance: Four Seasons. This year's production not only showed the students' wonderful singing and dancing skills, but also told a moving story.

      Four Seasons is a journey through the seasons of human relationships, just like the seasons of the year. We all face unprecedented obstacles in life and learn to adapt and grow. Aging is a harsh thing, but it is also refreshing and exciting, and so are autumn, winter, spring and summer. In a school with new and returning students, we observe how the winds of song and dance bring laughter and strife, but also acceptance and a sense of community.

      The musical theatre repertoire of this year’s production came from Porgy and Bess, Jersey Boys, American Idiot, Frozen, Spring Awakening, Prom, and Rent. The musicals were carefully selected to provide the journey through the seasons of a year, life and love.”


      Yew Wah aims to let children experience and understand various relationships between people through drama. On the journey of life, no matter if we are happy or sad, we should have the ability to face these experiences with wisdom and communicate with others effectively.