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    Academic Guidance Help You with a Great Future

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    02 Sep, 2020

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    • "There are no two identical leaves in the world", let alone two identical students. Teaching students according to their aptitude is the education philosophy proposed by the sage Confucius thousands of years ago. Yew Wah is committed to helping each student achieve academic achievement and overall growth. We strive to take into account the different characteristics of each student, and carry out our unique personalised and differentiated education by setting up an exclusive personal file for them and giving one-to-one counselling. Yew Wah hopes that students can gain not only a learning experience in school, but also the skills necessary for lifelong development, so as to lay a solid foundation for future development.

      With our Yew Wah students returning to campus, our offline school learning this semester has been successfully resumed. This also means that children will face more challenges and pressures, such as difficulties in learning professional subjects, major choices to be faced at the university entrance stage, troubles from adolescence and so on. Therefore, Yew Wah specially carries out one-to-one academic guidance and psychological counselling activities. The first academic and psychological counselling session will focus on students in Grade 8 and IGCSE 1, and then on students in other grades in the Secondary School. In this activity, Yew Wah teachers worked hard, supported and co-operated with each other, worked out a personalised plan for each child, and gave specific counselling. Let's take a look at this personalised guiding service.

      University Guidance and Psychological Counselling Activities

      Dialogue with Heads of Secondary School

      Q: What is the overall arrangement and form of this academic guidance activity?

      Adrian ScarlettIn order to assist senior students to make the best choice of subjects and university for further study, and to make clear their development goals and study plans in advance, we specially organised this activity. In order to take care of each student's learning needs we offered each student in Secondary School one-on-one in-depth communication and counselling with counsellors.
      For Eighth Grade students who are about to enter the Secondary School, teachers firstly get to know the problems and difficulties that students face in learning, and give targeted learning suggestions and approaches to overcome the difficulties. At the same time, they also introduced to students the characteristics of different subjects that they will start learning in Secondary School, and provided professional consultation for students to choose different subjects.

      We hope that through this one-to-one tutoring activity, we can offer the most beneficial guidance to the children, so that they can stand out and become the leaders of learning activities, and make adequate preparations for the future study.

      Q: What kind of influence and help do you hope to give to the students?

      Ms ZhouOne of the features of studying in Yew Wah is that teachers will pay attention to and tap the potential of every student. For this reason, Yew Wah has been able to cultivate so many excellent citizens of the world. At Yew Wah, there is no uniformity. Teachers try their best to help students work out the most ideal and most suitable plan for their development. Under the guidance of the school's University Guidance Counsellors and pastoral care teachers, the students earnestly discovered and explored themselves, and understood that they should rationally refer to their professional interests, personality characteristics, career development and life planning to choose a suitable university and major. Happily, in the process, we can see the students gradually grow mature. In addition, we have been in close contact with parents. Yew Wah has always attached great importance to communication with parents. We believe that parents are partners in school education.

      Dialogue with the University Guidance Counsellors

      Q: How do you instruct different students in this academic guidance activity?

      Linva McIntoshIn this activity, we had close co-operation and communication with the academic team, communicated with each student to explore the needs and interests of students, and assisted them to set goals according to their different personalities, interests and hobbies. We also encouraged students to discuss their career plans and future prospects with their parents to guide them in choosing the right major. As Yew Wah's University Guidance Counsellors, we have been providing guidance and consulting services to our students to help them plan their future study and career path. In the process when student enters a college application process, we will provide them with individual counselling services, and at the same time we will search and collect the information of different universities and career prospects through our vast overseas university network to help students to write a personal statement, simulate interviews, and write recommendation letters. We will also invite university and college admissions officers to our school to have face-to-face meetings with students, and hold info sessions regularly to help parents understand the relevant information. In addition to summer courses, internship programmes, and college admissions exhibitions, we will provide specialised consulting services, giving students advices on all kinds of exams such as IELTS, and helping students to overcome the difficulties in the process of application for overseas universities.

      Ms LiuIn this activity, we guide students according to their current performance and teachers' understanding of the students, and help students set specific learning goals for each stage. At the same time, we provide students with relevant personality and career assessment, guide students to pay attention to their academic interests, hobbies and personality strengths, and let them know the direction where they should put their efforts, root related concepts in their hearts, and start to prepare for the next step from now on. In Yew Wah, in addition to daily teaching, the teacher will give students a relatively generous time to complete assignments. We help students set up the concept of autonomous learning, and stimulate their initiative and self-discipline, so as to better prepare to study at the university in the future. Of course, students with such initiative and self-discipline will not only excel academically, but also create their own niche in other fields.

      Dialogue with Psychological Consultation Teachers

      Q: What kind of influence do you hope to bring to the students by carrying out this counselling activity?

      Ms WangIn this activity, we conducted one-to-one interviews with each student of IGCSE 1. In the interview with each student, we tried to understand their recent emotion state and solve their emotional and psychological problems caused by special epidemic situation, academic pressure and interpersonal relationship. Although it may not be possible to completely solve their problems through a conversation, in this way we let the students know that Yew Wah has always been behind them and we will always provide reliable backing. Then, once they have the need of more psychological assistance, they will not be confined by their hearts and distrust and they will talk and consult us.

      Mr LeeIn order to realise the dual development of students' academic performance and character, we always pay attention to the needs of children's physical and mental development. We not only focus on developing students' creativity, reasoning ability and critical thinking ability, but also focus on developing students' leadership ability, optimistic spirit, self-motivation, self-management and independent decision-making ability. Yew Wah has been equipped with a special pastoral care director and professional counsellors, letting the students get more love and more comprehensive professional support, to make sure that we can better help students in respect of the psychological counselling and emotional health and guide students to understand the most important thing is that we should compare with ourselves, and make sure to stay positive.

      8th Grade Elective Exhibition

      In order to help the students of Grade 8 to choose their elective subjects for Secondary School, Yew Wah specially held an interesting and unique outdoor elective selection exhibition, allowing all the students of Grade 8 to communicate with teachers of all subjects face to face. The teachers prepared all kinds of posters and promotional materials, and some teachers even dressed up in costumes in order to help students understand the characteristics of each subject.

      Every student is valuable treasure here at Yew Wah. It has always been the intention and vision of Yew Wah to cultivate outstanding global citizens in a way most suitable for each student. Choosing to study in Yew Wah may be just the beginning for students to be nurtured to their fullest potential.