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    We Are Ready for the New School Year!

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    02 Sep, 2020

    10 : 00

    • Time flies; we will embark on the journey of the new semester.
      The great things and expectations will come as promised.
      Yew Wah campus is fully prepared,
      To meet the challenges of the new school year.
      It's a new beginning,
      It's exciting and we are ready to embrace it.
      We are waiting for the sound of students to fill the campus.
      On September 1, 2020,
      YWIES Shanghai Lingang campus will be waiting for you.

      Introduction of the Academic Co-Leadership Team

      Education Director
      Ms Julie Zheng

      Ms Julie Zheng joined YCIS Shanghai in 1994. She has been a Chinese teacher in Primary and Secondary schools, Chinese Director and Co-Principal of Shanghai Hongqiao Campus. In 2014, she was promoted to the position of YWIES Superintendent (Shanghai, Guangzhou and Yantai campuses), and later held the position of Director of Curriculum and Instruction across our YCIS and YWIES. She is also a member of the Executive Board of YCIS and YWIES. On February 3, 2020, Ms Zheng was appointed as the Education Director of YCIS and YWIES (YCIS Shanghai Puxi, YWIES Shanghai Lingang and Gubei campus).

      Ms Zheng has rich experience in teaching Chinese IBDP. She is one of the first batch of master teachers in Yew Chung and one of the main editors of Chinese first and second language textbooks. Ms Zheng holds a master's degree in Education from East China Normal University. Before joining YCIS Shanghai, she taught in the Affiliated School of Shanghai Jing'an District Education College, and won many awards from Shanghai Education Bureau and Jing'an District Education Bureau.

      Acting Education Director
      Mr Jeroen Gakes

      To strengthen the school leadership of YWIES Shanghai Lingang, Mr Jeroen Gakes has been appointed as Acting Education Director of the School and he will replace Mr Chris Munn as Co-Principal until further notice. Mr Gakes is a highly dedicated and experienced educator. He will be familiar with our colleagues as he rejoined the Organisation this academic year as our Director of Boarding, and member of the Executive Board of YCIS and YWIES. Mr Gakes has been at YWIES Shanghai Lingang on a regular basis in his role as Boarding Director, so is also familiar with the YWIES Shanghai Lingang. Before returning to the Netherlands, where he held the position of Director of the International School Twente, he served for 17 years in our Organisation. He was Vice-Principal at YCIS Shanghai. In 2011, Mr Gakes was promoted to YCIS Qingdao as Western Co-Principal, where he served for seven years and oversaw the operation of the school’s boarding programme. With his many years of service in our Organisation, Mr Gakes has an acute understanding of Chinese culture. He has experience with IGCSE, A Level and IBDP exams. Students in the schools Mr Gakes led achieved well-above the international averages in standardised tests. Mr Gakes holds a Master of Art in Educational Leadership from Nottingham Trent University; National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH) from the National College of School Leadership in the UK; Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certificate from Trinity College, London; and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Applied Sciences Ede, the Netherlands, amongst other qualifications.


      Chinese Co-Principal
      Ms Linda Li
      Ms Linda Li holds a master's degree in Education from East China Normal University with more than 18 years of teaching and management experience. She joined YCIS Shanghai in 2002. During her 13 years of service, she has served as a Chinese teacher from Grade 2 to 12, a Chinese teacher of IGCSE, and a Chinese core teacher of co-operative teaching. In 2015, she joined the teaching management team of YWIES Shanghai Lingang as a member of the founding team of academic leaders. Ms Li has served as the Director of Primary School Department and Acting Chinese Principal. She has worked closely with other school management team members to improve the quality of teaching and team building of the school, showing excellent leadership skills. Ms Li was awarded the title of Master Teacher by Yew Chung and Yew Wah for her outstanding teaching and education performance.

      Chinese Vice-Principal
      Ms Maggie Zhou

      Ms Maggie Zhou graduated from East China Normal University majoring in Chinese Language and Literature. She joined YCIS Shanghai in 2004. During her 11 years in Yew Chung, she served as a Chinese native and non-native Chinese teacher and a Chinese head teacher in co-operative teaching. Later, she was promoted to the head of the Chinese language group of Primary and Secondary Schools. She participated in the curriculum design and textbook compilation of Yew Chung Primary and Secondary schools. She accumulated rich teaching and education experience in Primary and Secondary Schools, and shared and exchanged with other campuses many times. In 2015, she joined YWIES Shanghai Lingang as a founding member of the academic management team. She once served as the Co-ordinator of Secondary Department and Academic Director of Secondary School, the co-ordinator of overseas projects, and the Core Teacher of the first IGCSE graduates. She played a key role in the management and construction of teaching and education team in Secondary Schools and made an indispensable contribution. Due to her rich teaching and education experience and outstanding performance, she was awarded the title of Master Teacher. During her teaching in public schools for more than 10 years, due to the successful practice of personal teaching, education and team management, she has been awarded a number of individual and team teaching education awards and awards by municipal and District Education Bureau. Her personal teaching and research articles have also been published in relevant books and educational journals.

      Heads of the Department

      Western Head of Secondary
      Mr Adrian Scarlett

      Mr Adrian Scarlett graduated with a master's degree from Maryville College in the UK and holds a postgraduate education certificate from Manchester City University in the UK, majoring in Social Sciences and History. So far, he has more than 20 years of international education teaching and management experience. He has worked in six different countries (Britain, Malawi, Zambia, France, China, and Botswana) in teaching, teacher training and school leadership. Mr Scarlett has rich experience in curriculum design, teaching planning and implementation, and teacher development training. In Zambia, he once worked as CEO and Principal of an international education. Mr Scarlett joined Yew Wah in 2017 and has been the Head of Secondary Department for three years. With rich teaching management experience and teacher training experience, he has contributed to the steady development of the Secondary Department of the school.

      Chinese Acting Head Secondary
      Mr Don Lyn

      Mr Don Lyn graduated from Northwestern University in the US. He has engaged in education for more than 20 years and has many years of experience in international education, teaching and management. Mr Lyn joined YWIES Shanghai Lingang in 2017 and was the Academic Director of the Secondary School Department. Before entering Yew Wah, Mr Lyn used to be a university lecturer, and then went abroad for further study and returned to China. He has many years of experience in A Level Advanced Mathematics teaching. He used to work as a leader of SAT teaching group, and was responsible for SAT curriculum design and textbook compilation. As an English speech and debate training teacher, he led his students to compete in NSDA regional debate competitions.

      Western Head of Primary
      Mr Andre Double

      Mr Andre Double graduated from Bath University, UK with a master's degree. He has more than 20 years of teaching experience. He has served as a teacher and Education Director in well-known international schools in the UK, Malaysia and China. He has organised and planned all kinds of teaching evaluation and implementation plans, helped the staff to establish good relations with students and parents, and promoted students to obtain efficient learning development. Mr Double has also endeavoured to create a charitable foundation to provide educational opportunities for poor students.

      Chinese Head of Primary
      Ms Linda Hu

      Ms Linda Hu graduated from Jiangxi Normal University, majoring in Language and Literature. She has more than 14 years of teaching experience in public and international schools. She used to be a Chinese teacher of IB courses in Shanghai United International School, and Gubei Secondary campus, and the leader of IGCSE lesson preparation. All the students she taught achieved excellent results. She has a rich experience in Chinese teaching. When she taught Chinese in primary and international curriculum in Lower Secondary School, her lessons have been awarded many times by Shanghai district level open class and high-quality class in group organisation. She is familiar with the curriculum system of Primary and Secondary Schools. She is committed to exploring students’ internal potential to the maximum extent, and cultivating students into lifelong learners.

      Co-Core Teachers and Co-Teaching System

      Yew Wah has set up an international education system which is suitable for the learning characteristics and needs of Chinese students. It adopts the mode of bilingual teaching, co-operative teaching of Chinese and foreign experts, and double core teacher management.

      In the new academic year, YWIES Shanghai Lingang has more than 100 Chinese, foreign and Residence Hall Teachers from different countries and regions in China. They have the leadership ability, are enthusiastic about education, and provide the students with an incentive, independent and modest learning atmosphere with the teaching methods and practice in a simple language. At the same time, Yew Wah also encourages and supports in-service teachers' continuous learning to ensure the quality of teachers and provide the best education services for students. Yew Wah integrates the essence of eastern and western education in the curriculum, and adopts small class teaching with no more than 26 students in each class. The ratio of Chinese and foreign teachers is 1:1. Each class is equipped with two core teachers: one Chinese Core Teacher and one Western Core Teacher, who are jointly responsible for the daily management of students. The allocation of Residence Hall Teachers also reflects international characteristics. In addition to Chinese Residence Hall Teachers, the school also arranges Western Residence Hall Teachers, so that they work together to provide boarding students with colourful dormitory activities and considerate life care.

      Integration of Chinese and Western Education and Diversified Curriculum

      Yew Wah's Primary and Secondary curriculum is based on China's nine-year compulsory education curriculum. It introduces overseas high-quality teaching resources, and is committed to developing children's ability to use Chinese and English bilingualism and expand their multicultural vision. Secondary schools introduce IGCSE and A Level courses from the International Assessment Department of Cambridge University, which are widely recognised internationally, and integrate Yew Wah's educational ideas and methods to help graduates enter universities and colleges around the world.

      This year, the first graduates of YWIES Shanghai Lingang have been successfully accepted by many top 100 universities in the world, and 67% of the university admission letters come from the top 100 universities in the world (according to the "2020 QS World University Ranking"). There are not only the London School of Economics and Political Science, University College London, St Andrews University, but also famous universities such as the University of California, Santa Barbara, the University of Sydney and the University of Adelaide in Australia. Five students won scholarships.

      In the new academic year, YWIES Shanghai Lingang will continue to provide students with a wide range of courses. In addition to providing some regular courses prescribed by the nation, the school also offers a number of professional courses with unique Yew Wah characteristics.

      Primary School Curriculum
      Regular courses: English, Chinese, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Visual Arts
      Specialist courses: Chinese Studies, Theme, Character Development, Drama, String Music Lesson

      Lower Secondary School Curriculum
      Regular courses: English, Chinese, Mathematics, Geography, History, Music, Sports, Visual Arts
      Specialist courses:
      Compulsory courses: Science, Social Studies and Character Development
      Elective courses: Drama Performance, Orchestra, Specialist, Chorus, French, Spanish

      Upper Secondary Curriculum
      The Upper Secondary curriculum includes the two-year International General Certificate in secondary education (IGCSE) and two-year International Higher Certificate in secondary education (A Level). Students can choose from a variety of subjects suitable for their own, so as to make full preparation for the study of Business Administration, Finance, Accounting, Economics, Computer, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Architecture, Art and Design, and Music.
      IGCSE compulsory subjects: Chinese, English, Mathematics, Global Perspective, Physical Education, Character Development
      IGCSE elective subjects: General Science (including Biology, Chemistry and Physics), Chemistry, Physics, Biology, History, Computer Science, Visual Arts, Business, Economics, Music, Drama, Geography, and Extended Mathematics
      A Level compulsory courses: English, Sports, Character Development
      A Level elective courses: Chinese, Mathematics, Advanced Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Business, Psychology, Computer Science, Art and Design, Music, Drama

      Safe Campus Environment and Perfect Facilities

      Our school has wonderful teaching and living facilities, including spacious classrooms, a modern laboratory, library, multimedia center, auditorium, football court, basketball court, tennis court and other sports facilities, as well as a music room, piano room, dance room, art center and residence hall. The residence hall of the school is perfect, and the Chinese and Western Residence Hall Teachers are responsible for the management and care of students.

      During the summer vacation, the Support Department of the school continues to work. The deep cleaning and disinfection of the campus, as well as the maintenance of the campus facilities is ongoing. In the new school year, the school will continue to provide a safe, comfortable and welcoming campus. Our goal is to continue an optimal learning environment for our students.

      We are Ready!
      Welcome to Yew Wah!
      Yew Wah is ready for everything.
      We welcome the new school year!
      Let's look forward to the day we get together.
      And welcome the new journey with a smile!
      Let's play the symphony of learning together!