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    Graduates of YWIES Shanghai Lingang Are Accepted by World Prestigious Universities – Summary of Early Applications

    School News

    28 Feb, 2020

    10 : 00

    • This is the fifth academic year of YWIES Shanghai Lingang. Our first batch of graduates has been constantly reporting success of university application. The number of offers from overseas universities has been inspiring.

      With the joint efforts of all the teachers and students in YWIES Shanghai Lingang, by the time of publication, four students in our school have received offers from 10 British universities including one G5 super elite university and nine Russell Group universities.

      *G5 super elite universities in the UK include Cambridge University, Oxford University, Imperial College of Technology, University College London, London School of Economics and Politics. They are the top five schools in the UK, also known as BRICs five. They represent Britain's top scientific research strength, quality of teachers and students, economic strength, and enjoy the most government education and scientific research funds.

      *The Russell Group, founded in 1994, is composed of the top 24 world-class research universities in the UK. It is a famous university alliance with the largest number of Nobel Prize winners in the world. The University Union represents the highest academic level of British universities. Each year, members of the group receive more than 65% of the research funds and sponsorship funds of all universities in the UK.

      In the academic year of 2019-2020, YWIES Shanghai Lingang will have 12 graduates, five of whom already have offers from universities and the other eight students’ applications are also in progress. In addition to the application of British universities, students are or will be applying to universities in the United States, Hong Kong, Canada, Australia and other places. We will wait to see and pass on more good news about university application.

      The students who have been admitted to British universities are listed below:

      Nino Dou

      Application Major: Biochemical Science

      University offer:

      UCL (University College London), UK

      The University of Edinburgh, UK

      Durham University, UK

      Louis Gao

      Application Major: economic major

      University offer:

      Durham University, UK

      The University of Edinburgh, UK

      Brady Huang

      Application Major: Mathematics

      University offer:

      University of Birmingham, UK

      University of Manchester, UK

      Durham University, UK

      Lynn Song

      Application Major: Animation Design

      University offer:

      School of Visual Arts, US

      Sarah Zhou

      Major: Mathematics and Statistics

      University offer:

      University of Warwick, UK

      King's College London, University of London, UK

      The first batch of graduates' achievements are inseparable from their own efforts, the support of parents and the hard work of school teachers. In the preparation stage of university application, the university guidance office provides each graduate with professional and targeted consultation on the selection of major, as well as separate college application guidance service. English teachers and subject teachers work together to guide and help students prepare application paperwork, and write recommendation letters for each student to show their strength and personal characteristics. At the same time, the students will continue to study hard under the guidance of Yew Wah teachers, and achieve ideal academic results when they graduate.

      Several students who have received the early offers have shared with us their learning experience in Yew Wah, how to successfully apply ideal university with the help of Yew Wah teachers, and their future plans:

      Nino Dou:

      "This is my fourth year of study in Yew Wah. After the study of IGCSE and AS, I finally ushered in the hardest and busiest A2 study. I am going to study Biochemistry in university. I chose this major because I am very interested in modern gene editing technology. I believe that this technology will promote the reform of modern medical, and I would like to devote myself to biological research in this field. I think the biggest difficulty in A Level study is that there are too many knowledge points to learn! If you don't know how to allocate time properly to preview new knowledge, it's difficult to follow the teaching in class. But this kind of life makes me feel fulfilled. The satisfaction of conquering new knowledge is incomparable! Yew Wah's teachers are very conscientious and responsible. My special thanks go to Mr Briggs, who helped me revise my personal statement, and Mr flood, who helped me check my professional knowledge and gave me endless encouragement. "

      Louis Gao

      "I chose Economics as my undergraduate course because it can help me improve my logical thinking, leadership and global vision. With the increase of learning difficulty of A Level, it’s becoming more and more challenging for us. We need to do a lot of exercises to prepare for the exam. Of course, I like to study A Level courses, especially to have more in-depth discussions with teachers on professional issues. Yew Wah's life is of great significance to me. It gives me a lot of opportunities to develop my life. In the four years of studying here, I have experienced a lot and learnt a lot. I am very grateful to everyone, teachers, classmates and university guidance counsellors. I am very happy to study here. In the future, after graduation, I hope to continue to pursue my degree and make the world a better place. "

      Brady Huang:

      "I applied for the Department of Mathematics. I chose Mathematics because it can be applied to solve high-level problems. In A Level's study, I learnt to manage myself better, and set up good study and living habits by setting university application goals. At the same time, I have also explored suitable learning methods. I have been studying in Yew Wah for nearly five years. The biggest change is that I truly realised the importance of learning, and for the first time, I had the initiative to learn, and formed the habit of long-distance running, which improved my endurance and perseverance. The school's teachers began to provide the application guidance one year in advance to help me sort out the time nodes and requirements of the universities, so that I could be prepared in advance to deal with the pressure of the application season. "

      Sarah Zhou

      "This is my fifth year in YWIES Shanghai Lingang. I want to study Mathematics Statistics in university because I am interested in processing data. I took Maths, Advanced Maths, Physics and Economics at A Level. I think the A Level course is very challenging, especially in the second year, because many courses start to connect with the contents of freshmen. At the same time, due to the English curriculum, so the language demand is also very high. Yew Wah's teachers are very patient and conscientious. In addition to the teaching time in class, they sometimes make up extra lessons for us after school according to the situation of the students. "

      Yew Wah makes every effort to provide students with extensive and rich learning opportunities and educational resources, so that students can further explore and develop their interests. Starting from the 10th Grade, the university guidance counsellors will provide each student with personalised guidance and support in university application and career planning, and help each student to set their future development goals and find the directions as early as possible. The next spring admission season for the top universities in the world will come soon. We are looking forward to Yew Wah graduates entering their ideal universities!