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    Secondary Open Day

    School News

    02 Mar, 2020

    10 : 00

    • Time flies. This semester is coming to an end. YWIES Shanghai Lingang held the Open Day of Secondary School before the closing of this semester. On the Open Day, parents could not only walk into the classroom, observe lessons and experience the learning life of Secondary School, but also could attend workshops on education led by experts, Secondary Chinese speech contest, parent training on network security and parent information session of Hong Kong Hiking.

      Lesson Observation

      On the Open Day, every classroom door in the Secondary School is completely open. When parents entered the classroom, they could directly feel the real everyday learning environment of the children, and observe the teacher-student relationship, classroom atmosphere, teaching methods, etc.

      For example, when observing one of Secondary School Chinese classes, parents could find out that students were presenting fables they had written. After students finished the speech, the teacher would lead other students to participate in the discussion and think more deeply about the meaning behind the writing. This was no longer a simple traditional Chinese class. In a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere, through discussion and communication, students' love for writing was stimulated, and at the same time students learnt to think and express themselves better.

      In addition, parents also found that subjects have different goals in different grades. Taking Maths as an example. The focus of Grade 8 Maths is the Checkpoint exam next year. The focus of Maths in Grade 6 and 7 is to cultivate students' interest in learning and open thinking, and teachers' curriculum will also centre around the different goals in different grades. In addition, the lower grades of Secondary School will also focus on the consolidation of learning habits. They usually work in groups, with teachers teaching in the form of PBL (project-based learning).

      University Guidance

      The university guidance consisted of Lower Secondary session and Upper Secondary session, to help parents learn the requirements of university, so as to help children make future planning and arrangement in advance. In Upper Secondary, students need to explore the admission learning requirements of different universities and majors, make clear the goal of admission, master skills on learning and time management, and get good grades. At the same time, they can work out a reasonable plan for college application, take the necessary exams, and prepare the application materials. Students in Lower Secondary mainly explore their interests, hobbies and their passion for learning, discover more of their strength, strengthen academic courses, participate in more extracurricular activities and social practices, tap their potential and explore more possibilities for future development.

      Education Expert Shares How to Give Better "Family Support"

      Yew Wah invited Zhang Rong, a well-known education expert in Shanghai, to share with parents how to better support their children at home. As the Secondary children are in a relatively special stage, transiting gradually from teenagers to maturity. She suggested that parents should listen to and understand their children's psychological feelings and changes when communicating with them, and pay special attention to communication methods and skills.

      Chinese Speech Contest

      In addition to the above activities, the Secondary School also set up a wonderful activity, namely the Chinese Speech Contest. The students' passionate speeches and calm, confident attitude on the stage appealed to the audience. In particular, the speeches about the hot topics of "time" and "mobile phone" concerning the practical problems of the contemporary society, aroused the deep thinking of the audience. This also reflects Yew Wah's hope that students here will not be phubbers who only study hard like a bookworm, but become active learners with international vision, exploration spirit and the ability to keep up with the times.


      During the Open Day, Yew Wah invited parents to the campus. We hope through this activity, parents can learn more about the real campus life. At the same time, we also expect the parent-school co-operative relationship in the future to become better and better, so as to help our children to grow in better ways.